The Pennsylvania State University

Notes Regarding Illustrations

To Authors of Illustrated Books Under Contract:

Please bear in mind that we cannot release the manuscript to production unless all elements are there: manuscript, pictures, all permissions, and the author's information and jacket information form.

Permissions are the author's responsibility to obtain. Please come to us with any questions. We normally ask that you get permission for nonexclusive English-language rights throughout the world.

For black and white pictures we need glossy prints at least 5" x 7" to 9" x 12" in size. Be sure that they are suitable for reproduction, with high contrast and no obvious imperfections. Use prints from previously printed material only as a last resort. They will not reproduce with optimum quality.

For color illustrations we prefer, first, 4" x 7" transparencies or, second, slides. Reproduction from color photographs is usually less satisfactory.

In view of high rental costs for certain transparencies, xeroxes of transparencies that are guaranteed to arrive later on will be accepted at the copyediting stage.

Please come to us with any questions about the suitability of illustrations or send us samples with your questions.

In some cases, high res digital illustrations can be submitted. For information on appropriate digital art submission click here.