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Submission information: Philosophy and Rhetoric is dedicated to publication of high-quality articles involving the relationship between philosophy and rhetoric. It has a longstanding commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and welcomes all theoretical and methodological perspectives that advance the journal's mission. Philosophy and Rhetoric invites articles on such topics as the relationship between logic and rhetoric, the philosophical aspects of argumentation (including argumentation in philosophy itself), philosophical views on the nature of rhetoric held by historical figures and during historical periods, philosophical analyses of the relationship to rhetoric of other areas of human culture and thought, political theory and law, and psychological and sociological studies of rhetoric with a strong philosophical emphasis.

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced with notes and a list of works cited, also double-spaced, at the end of the text. In their entirety, manuscripts should not exceed 9500 words. An abstract not exceeding 150 words must be included with submissions and should appear directly below the title on the submitted manuscript. The author's name and any other indications of author identity should be removed from the manuscript prior to submission. On matters of style and documentation, authors should consult The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. and recent issues of the journal. Electronic submissions only are accepted and should be sent as E-mail attachments to . The following formats, listed in order of preference, will be accepted: Microsoft Word, rich text format (rtf), or simple text. Please check for and eliminate all viruses before sending. (Note: All accepted articles must be available in electronic format.) Authors are requested to provide E-mail addresses and indicate institutional affiliation or independent scholar. No manuscript under consideration for publication elsewhere may be submitted.

Books for review should be sent to the Book Review Editor, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Department of English, Humanities Building, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, 29208, USA.

Editorial inquiries may be directed to the Managing Editor, Philosophy and Rhetoric, via email at .

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