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Transportation Journal

  • Evelyn Thomchick , Editor
    Tom Goldsby, Editor

  • Quarterly Publication
  • ISSN 0041-1612
  • E-ISSN 2157-328X

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Transportation Journal is published quarterly by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics to disseminate research findings and original writings on transportation, logistics, and related fields. Book reviews are included. Articles cover such areas as air transport, international transport, logistics/physical/distribution/supply chain management, management information systems and computer applications, motor transport, rail transport, regulation/law, traffic and transport management, transport policy, and water transport.

Evelyn Thomchick and Thomas Goldsby

European Regional Editor
Juan Carlos Martín Hernánez

Asian Regional Editor
S. I. Ivan Su

Industry Note Editor
Mary Holcomb

Book Review Editor
Deepak Iyengar

Assistant Editor
Kusumal Ruamsook

Methodology Advisor
Yoshinori Suzuki

Editorial Review Board
John Bell
Yemisi A. Bolumole
David Cantor
Hoazhe Chen
Thomas M. Corsi
Michael R. Crum
Martin Dresner
Curtis M. Grimm
Svienn Gudmundsson
Christian Hofer
Milan Janic
Carol J. Johnson
Scott B. Keller
Ira A. Lewis
Robert C. Lieb
Keith Mason
John Mello
Paul R. Murphy
Robert Novack
Richard D. Stewart
Yoshinori Suzuki
Pete Swan
John E. Tyworth
Bijan Vasigh
David B. Vellenga
W. David Walls
Robert J. Windle
Kefeng Xu
Richard R. Young
Walter Zinn

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