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Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, the end of another semester, or the end of the year, we have a great offer for you: From today, December 7, through the end of the month, Eisenbrauns is offering all the titles on its website, including Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, American Oriental Society, Åbo Akademi University, and CDL titles, at 30% off list price. Use coupon code EEOY18 to receive the discount. Below are just a few of the newer titles.

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Cover for “I Will Walk Among You”

“I Will Walk Among You”

The Rhetorical Function of Allusion to Genesis 1–3 in the Book of Leviticus

G. Geoffrey Harper

$89.95 $62.97 (30% off!)

The well-known parallels between Genesis and Leviticus invite further reflection, particularly in regard to the rhetorical and theological purpose of their lexical, syntactical, and conceptual correspondences. This volume investigates the possibility that the final-form text of Leviticus is an indirect reference to Genesis 1–3 and examines the rhetorical significance of such an allusion. . . (more)

Cover for The Royal Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal (668-631 BC), Assur-etal-ilani (630-627 BC), and Sin-sarra-iskun (626-612 BC), Kings of Assyria

The Royal Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal (668-631 BC), Assur-etal-ilani (630-627 BC), and Sin-sarra-iskun (626-612 BC), Kings of Assyria

Part I

Jamie Novotny, and Joshua Jeffers

$89.95 $62.97 (30% off!)

In this book, Jamie Novotny and Joshua Jeffers provide updated, reliable editions of seventy-one historical inscriptions of Ashurbanipal, including all historical inscriptions on clay prisms, clay cylinders, wall slabs, and other stone objects from. . . (more)

Cover for Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 3

Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 3

Bezalel Porten, and Ada Yardeni

$149.95 $104.97 (30% off!)

Since the early 1990s, about two thousand Idumean Aramaic ostraca have found their way into museums, libraries, and private collections. Four major publications covering some of these texts have appeared, three of which encompass the ostraca held by individual collectors only. This multivolume work classifies the ostraca according to subject matter and brings them together in a. . . (more)

Cover for The Cultural and Religious Creativity of Ancient Israel

The Cultural and Religious Creativity of Ancient Israel

The Collected Essays of George E. Mendenhall

Edited by Gary Herion, and Edited by H. B. Huffmon

$59.95 $41.97 (30% off!)

Throughout his long and influential career, George E. Mendenhall published groundbreaking, provocative studies on the history of the biblical tradition, law, and covenant and the Hebrew conquest of Palestine. This volume collects thirty-four of his hardest-to-find essays, many of which originally appeared in journals and other publications with limited circulation. . . (more)

Cover for The Unfavored

The Unfavored

Judah and Saul in the Narratives of Genesis and 1 Samuel

Josef Sykora

$74.95 $52.47 (30% off!)

Following the work of scholars who have attempted to rehabilitate the notion of “chosenness” in the Hebrew Bible and others who have focused more narrowly on the fate of non-Israelites in the Old Testament, The Unfavored centers on the role of two “unfavored” characters within Israel—Judah and Saul. . . (more)

Cover for Middle Egyptian

Middle Egyptian

Peter Beylage

$89.95 $62.97 (30% off!)

This grammar provides a comprehensive overview of Middle Egyptian and illustrates its grammatical features with extensive examples from various sources. Exercises at the end of each chapter, along with a sign list and a hieroglyphic word list, provide the reader with the means to apply and practice the content, enabling this book to be used as both a grammar reference and a textbook.

As a hybrid reference and textbook, this volume introduces the reader to. . . (more)

Cover for The Usefulness of Scripture

The Usefulness of Scripture

Essays in Honor of Robert W. Wall

Edited by Daniel Castelo, Sara M. Koenig, and David R. Nienhuis

$49.50 $34.65 (30% off!)

Robert Wall began his teaching career at Seattle Pacific University in 1978. Now, forty years later and in celebration of his seventieth birthday, colleagues and former students have gathered to produce this volume in honor of their friend and teacher. The results are sure to delight all of those who have studied under or been friends of Professor Wall.

The essays are grouped under two. . . (more)

Cover for The Unfolding of Your Words Gives Light

The Unfolding of Your Words Gives Light

Studies on Biblical Hebrew in Honor of George L. Klein

Edited by Ethan C. Jones

$59.95 $41.97 (30% off!)

This collection of essays, covering nearly every aspect of Biblical Hebrew studies, testifies to the invigorating joy of studying that language—a joy that is richly exemplified in the life of the volume’s honoree, George Klein.

Paying tribute to a colleague who has devoted his academic career to teaching Biblical Hebrew, this book presents fresh explorations of. . . (more)

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