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Welcome to the April issue of Ancient News. We have an assortment of good stuff for you, starting out with our 10-day sale, featuring selected State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts titles at 40% off! This is a great opportunity for beginning (and even advanced!) students of Akkadian. The sale ends April 25th, though, so hurry! I’ve listed some of the titles below.

This month we made available again a number of books, two in the Coniectanea Biblica Old Testament Series and one from Critical Studies in the Hebrew Bible:

Prophecy and Propaganda: Images of Enemies in the Book of Isaiah by Göran Eidevall
Translation Technique and Theological Exegesis: Collected Essays on the Septuagint Version by Staffan Olofsson
A More Perfect Torah: At the Intersection of Philology and Hermeneutics in Deuteronomy and the Temple Scroll by Bernard M. Levinson
Use coupon code NR18 to receive 30% off these titles.

We read a few reviews of Eisenbrauns books this month; I’ve included excerpts from four of them below. If you happen across a review of an Eisenbrauns book, please let me know about it via email!

Rounding out this month’s Ancient News are two PSU Press book that you might find interesting; use coupon code NR18 to get 30% off.


10-day sale

40% off selected SAACT titles!

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JULY 65th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale
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awards & reviews

Bearing Yhwh’s Name at Sinai

Bearing Yhwh’s Name at Sinai

A Reexamination of the Name Command of the Decalogue

“Many will benefit from Imes’s judicious work here, especially those with interests in the Decalogue and in the character and role of ancient Israel in its world. Contemporary religious leaders may find the final chapter especially meaningful for their work. In the end, many will find reward in their patient reading of this book and, whether persuaded or not, will nevertheless agree that Imes has put forward a compelling case for a nonelliptical or representational understanding of the name command.”—Mark W. Bartusch, Valparaiso University in Review of Biblical Literature, March 2019

Male and Female in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Male and Female in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Encounters, Literary History, and Interpretation

“On a literary-critical level, Abusch has given us much to think about and has presented a plausible, if uncertain, reconstruction of the Epic’s long and complicated history. . . . I can certainly affirm Abusch’s statement that the basic conflict here ‘is that between the extraordinary and the normal’ (p. 131). However gifted a person might be, he or she must come to terms with the constraints inherent in the human condition. But I would hold that this lesson of the Epic applies not only to a semi-divine ruler, but to any person, which helps to account for the great popularity of the tale(s) of Gilgamesh—in the ancient Near East and in the present day.”—Gary Beckman, University of Michigan in Journal of the American Oriental Society 138 (2018): 901–3

From the Mari Archives

From the Mari Archives

An Anthology of Old Babylonian Letters

“Jack Sasson has done a great service to Mari scholarship and academia in general with this book that will hopefully inspire more attention to the world of Mari’s two most well known kings, Yasmah-Addu and Zimri-Lim.”—Rients de Boer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in Bibliotheca Orientalis 75 (2018): 124–25

The <i>babilili</i>-Ritual from Hattusa (CTH 718)

The babilili-Ritual from Hattusa (CTH 718)

“[T]his book is a good point of departure for further studies on the babilili-ritual and the reception of Akkadian incantations and rituals in Hittite Anatolia.”—Lidewij E. van de Peut, Leiden University in Bibliotheca Orientalis 75 (2018): 357–59

new from psu press

Religion Around John Donne

Religion Around John Donne

Joshua Eckhardt

In this volume, Joshua Eckhardt examines the religious texts and books that surrounded the poems, sermons, and inscriptions of the early modern poet and preacher John Donne. Focusing on the material realities legible in manuscripts and Sammelbände, bookshops and private libraries, Eckhardt uncovers the. . . (more)

The Sacred and the Sinister

The Sacred and the Sinister

Studies in Medieval Religion and Magic

Edited by David J. Collins, S. J.

Inspired by the work of eminent scholar Richard Kieckhefer, The Sacred and the Sinister explores the ambiguities that made (and make) medieval religion and magic so difficult to differentiate. The essays in this collection investigate how the holy and unholy were. . . (more)

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