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Welcome to the April issue of Ancient News!

We’re starting the month with a two-week sale on select titles from Eisenbrauns and the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project. Save up to 60% on select titles with discount code ASSYR through 4/17. Stay up to date on all our special offers on our Sales & Specials page, or by subscribing to BookNews.

It was great to see familiar faces at AOS last month! If you’re attending the 2022 Annual Meeting for the American Research Center in Egypt, keep an eye out for some Eisenbrauns titles at the Scholar’s Choice table.


The Eisenbrauns Staff

assyria sale

Save up to 60% on select titles using discount code ASSYR through 4/17.

Cover for As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below

Religion and Geography

$109.95 $65.97

This volume addresses the nexus of religion and geography in the ancient Near East through case studies of various time periods and regions. Using Sumerian, Akkadian, and Aramaic text corpora, iconography, and archaeological evidence, the contributors illuminate the diverse phenomena that occur when religion is viewed through the lenses of space and place.

Cover for The Royal Inscriptions of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (680-669 BC)

The Royal Inscriptions of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (680–669 BC)

$89.50 $53.70

The Royal Inscription of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (680–669 BC) is the inaugural volume of the Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period Project. The volume provides reliable, up-to-date editions of all of the known royal inscriptions of Esarhaddon, a son of Sennacherib who ruled Assyria for twelve years.

Cover for The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall

Studies in the Architectural Context of Late Assyrian Palace Inscriptions

$67.50 $40.50

It is too often forgotten that every Assyrian “historical” inscription functioned in a very specific context. This context influenced its content and the way in which it was perceived by ancient viewers and readers. Russell’s goal is to address the reconstruction of the context of these inscriptions in order to elucidate their original impact.

Cover for CUSAS 23


Miscellaneous Early Dynastic and Sargonic Texts in the Cornell University Collections

$90.00 $45.00

Translation, transliteration and commentary on economic and literary texts from ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia from the middle of the 3rd millennium BCE. These, previously unpublished texts, are some of the very earliest cuneiform texts in existence.

new books

Cover for The 2006 Season at Tall al-'Umayri and Subsequent Studies

The 2006 Season at Tall al-‘Umayri and Subsequent Studies

Edited by Larry G. Herr, Douglas R. Clark, Lawrence T. Geraty, and Monique D. Vincent

The tenth in a series of technical seasonal reports on the excavations of Tall al-‘Umayri, Jordan, part of the Madaba Plains Project, this volume covers artifactual finds and related research from excavation fields active during the 2006 season.

Cover for Megiddo VI

Megiddo VI

The 2010–2014 Seasons

Edited by Israel Finkelstein and Mario A. S. Martin

The three volumes of Megiddo VI: The 2010–2014 Seasons display a rich set of finds, spanning about 1,000 years of history from the Middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age IIB. They include a large number of studies in archaeology and the exact and life sciences, including topics such as radiocarbon dating, geoarchaeology, paleomagnetism, and metallurgy.

Cover for Aspect, Communicative Appeal, and Temporal Meaning in Biblical Hebrew Verbal Forms

Aspect, Communicative Appeal, and Temporal Meaning in Biblical Hebrew Verbal Forms

Ulf Bergström

“An ambitious, sophisticated, and technical treatment of a set of recalcitrant problems. The Biblical Hebrew verbal system and how it relates to tense, aspect, and mood has been the object of many studies over hundreds of years, and we are still just in the process of understanding it. This study offers an interesting, overarching solution.”—Martin Gustaf Ehrensvärd, University of Copenhagen

Cover for Classical Samaritan Poetry

Classical Samaritan Poetry

Classical Samaritan Poetry

In press!
This book introduces the evocative but largely unknown tradition of Samaritan religious poetry from late antiquity to a new audience. Prepared by Laura Suzanne Lieber, this anthology presents annotated English translations of fifty-five Classical Samaritan poems. These verses provide a unique window into the Samaritan religious world during a formative period.


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