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Welcome to the December issue of Ancient News. A lot has happened in the last twelve months; last year at this time we were still trying to get the Eisenbrauns website to function properly in its new home at! That was a lengthy ordeal, but we managed. Thanks for sticking with us in the transition; we really do appreciate your continued patronage.

On a personal note, it also marked my fifteenth year (with a two-year hiatus) of working for Eisenbrauns, nothing of course compared to Jim’s forty-plus years, but a milestone for me. It’s been fun to see books appear from authors who were graduate students, or even undergrads, when I started. Speaking of which, the former students of Eisenbrauns author Ben Ollenburger put together a Festschrift; check out the new and forthcoming section below for that and other new books.

One of the nice things about our new home at PSU Press is the ability for you to customize in more detail the emails you receive from us. You can subscribe to not just Ancient News or Sales and Specials, you can choose the subjects or series that interest you most. Whenever a new release occurs in the chosen subject(s) or series, you’ll receive an email with a coupon code good for 30% off. Click here.

Let me remind you to look at our latest Eisenbrauns catalog. You can download it here. Opening with a letter from Jim, it’s loaded with forthcoming and recently published titles that you will want to know about.

Our holiday gift to you is an Eisenbrauns website-wide sale: Take 30% off any title using coupon code EEOY30. That includes titles published by CDL (think CUSAS or Before the Muses), American Oriental Society (did you get Garr’s Asher and sh- yet?), Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project (State Archives of Assyria, etc.), as well as Eisenbrauns titles. The sale ends December 31, so don’t delay too long.

The Review of Biblical Literature posted a couple of reviews of Eisenbrauns books, one from back in September that I neglected to mention at the time. I’ve included excerpts from both of them below—and yes, they are available at 30% off, too!

Rounding out this month’s Ancient News are two new PSU Press books that you might find interesting.

Enjoy the season, and be sure to take time to read a book or three!

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awards & reviews

Doubling and Duplicating in the Book of Genesis

Doubling and Duplicating in the Book of Genesis

Literary and Stylistic Approaches to the Text

“The move toward more methodically inclusive reading being championed here is definitely to be welcomed, and the collection deserves to enjoy a wide readership.”—Megan Warner, King’s College in Review of Biblical Literature, September 2018.

Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, volume 2

The Economy of Ancient Judah in Its Historical Context

“While many readers of the various essays in this volume might find themselves disagreeing with this point or that, they are all well researched and well written. Seen as a whole, this attempt to examine the economy of Persian-period Yehud from a multidisciplinary and from a multinational perspective is a welcome addition to the everexpanding literature on Persian-period Yehud.”—Yigal Levin, Bar-Ilan-University in Review of Biblical Literature, November 2018.

new from psu press

Museum Rhetoric

Museum Rhetoric

Building Civic Identity in National Spaces

By M. Elizabeth Weiser

In today’s diverse societies, museums are the primary institutions within the public sphere in which individuals can both engage critical thought and celebrate community. This volume uses the lens of rhetoric to explore the role these societal repositories play in establishing and altering cultural heritage and national identity. . . (more)

The Quakers, 1656–1723

Magic in the Modern World

Strategies of Repression and Legitimization

Edited by Edward Bever and Randall Styers

This collection of essays considers the place of magic in the modern world, first by exploring the ways in which modernity has been defined in explicit opposition to magic and superstition, and then by illuminating how modern proponents of magic have worked to legitimize their practices through. . . (more)

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