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Cover for Excavations in the City of David, Jerusalem (1995–2010)

Excavations in the City of David, Jerusalem (1995–2010)

Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron

“To put things simply, there is no way to decipher the history of Ancient Israel without the archaeology of Jerusalem, with no access to the Temple Mount, there is no way to understand the archaeology and history of Jerusalem without the City of David ridge, and there is no way to study the City of David without the results of the Reich/Shukron excavations. This volume is therefore a landmark in the archaeology of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.”—Israel Finkelstein, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University

Cover for Elementary Education in Early Second Millennium BCE Babylonia

Elementary Education in Early Second Millennium BCE Babylonia

Alhena Gadotti and Alexandra Kleinerman

In this volume, Alhena Gadotti and Alexandra Kleinerman investigate how Akkadian speakers learned Sumerian during the Old Babylonian period in areas outside major cities.

Cover for Camels in the Biblical World

Camels in the Biblical World

Martin Heide and Joris Peters

Given the limited extrabiblical evidence for camels before circa 1000 BCE, a thorough investigation of the spatio-temporal history of the camel in the ancient Near and Middle East is necessary to understand their early appearance in the Hebrew Bible. Camels in the Biblical World is a two-part study that charts the cultural trajectories of the two-humped or Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) and the one-humped or Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) from the fourth through first millennium BCE and up to the first century CE.

Cover for Megiddo VI

Megiddo VI

The 2010–2014 Seasons

Edited by Israel Finkelstein and Mario A. S. Martin

In press!

The three volumes of Megiddo VI: The 2010–2014 Seasons display a rich set of finds, spanning about 1,000 years of history from the Middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age IIB. They include a large number of studies in archaeology and the exact and life sciences, including topics such as radiocarbon dating, geoarchaeology, paleomagnetism, and metallurgy.


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