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Welcome to the December issue of Ancient News!

All of us at Eisenbrauns were saddened to hear of the passing of Robert D. Miller II last month. Among his contributions to the field, we are proud to count two Eisenbrauns books: Baal, St. George, and Khidr and The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

In other news, we are closing out 2023 with our annual Holiday Sale! All of the books on our website are on sale, and the more you buy, the more you save! Use discount code EHO23 for 30–50% off. Sale ends 12/18.

We were glad to see so many of you at ASOR and AAR/SBL. If you didn’t get to stop by our exhibit booth at either of these conferences, there is still time to shop our virtual exhibit sales! Visit our sales & specials page for more details.

Happy Holidays!

The Eisenbrauns Staff

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Cover for Aramaic Loanwords in Neo-Assyrian 911–612 B.C.

Aramaic Loanwords in Neo-Assyrian 911–612 B.C.

Zack Cherry

This study identifies and analyzes Aramaic loanwords occurring in Neo-Assyrian texts between 911 and 612 B.C. As two Semitic languages, Neo-Assyrian and Aramaic are sibling-descendants of a postulated common ancestor, Proto-Semitic. The work provides information about the contact between the two languages and about the people who spoke them.

Cover for Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, Volume 5

Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea, Volume 5

Dossiers H–K: 485 Ostraca

Bezalel Porten and Ada Yardeni

Since the early 1990s, about two thousand Idumean Aramaic ostraca have found their way onto the antiquities market and are now scattered across a number of museums, libraries, and private collections. This fifth and final volume of the Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea completes the work of bringing these ostraca together in a single publication.

Cover for Ancient Egyptian and Afroasiatic

Ancient Egyptian and Afroasiatic

Rethinking the Origins

Edited by María Victoria Almansa-Villatoro and Silvia Štubňová Nigrelli

By challenging assumptions regarding the proximity between Egyptian and Semitic Languages, Ancient Egyptian and Afroasiatic provides a fresh approach to the relationships and similarities between Ancient Egyptian, Semitic, and Afroasiatic languages.

Cover for An Introduction to Akkadian Literature

An Introduction to Akkadian Literature

Contexts and Content

Alan Lenzi

“A study that renders Akkadian literature accessible to a different readership.”

new books

Cover for The Southern Wall of the Temple Mount and Its Corners

The Southern Wall of the Temple Mount and Its Corners

Past, Present and Future

Edited by Yuval Baruch, Ronny Reich, Moran Hagbi, and Joe Uziel

“The Temple Mount/Haram aš-Šarīf has fascinated scholars since the dawn of modern archaeology, and the pious for millennia before that. The studies assembled here document excavations and conservation at the southern and southwestern retaining walls of the Herodian Temple, with special care for all periods—from the Iron Age to Herod the Great to medieval Islam. This magnificent volume is a monument to decades of dedicated research, a resource for generations to come!”—Steven Fine, Churgin Professor of Jewish History, Yeshiva University

Cover image of Before There Were Kings

Before There Were Kings

A Literary Analysis of the Book of Judges

Elie Assis

“Assis utilizes a close reading of the book of Judges and interacts with the secondary literature while contributing to a reading of the text that explains how the parts produce the whole. Before There Were Kings makes an important contribution, not simply in the method of reading, but in the particular way in which Assis’s perspective contributes to an understanding of the book.”—K. Lawson Younger, Jr., Divinity School, Trinity International University

Cover for Focus Construction with kî ʾim in Biblical Hebrew

Focus Construction with kî ’im in Biblical Hebrew

Grace J. Park

This study uses modern linguistic theory to analyze a frequently recurring syntactic phenomenon in the Hebrew Bible that has thus far resisted explanation: כי אם.

Cover image for Assyrian-English-Assyrian Dictionary

Assyrian-English-Assyrian Dictionary

Cuneiform Edition

Edited by Simo Parpola

This dictionary contains all the words attested in Assyrian texts from the Neo-Assyrian period. Most of the vocabulary comes from Neo-Assyrian and Standard Akkadian, with some Aramaic and Neo-Babylonian entries. The Assyrian-English-Assyrian Dictionary was the first English-Akkadian dictionary ever published, and the new cuneiform edition features words written in the cuneiform script of the Neo-Assyrian period.


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PSU Press Journals is happy to announce that Leah Noel has accepted the role of Journals Production Manager!

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