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Welcome to the February issue of Ancient News. We have an assortment of good stuff for you, starting out with our 10-day sale, featuring selected titles in the Biblical and Judaic Studies from the University of California, San Diego series at 30–50% off! The sale ends March 4th, though, so hurry! I’ve listed the titles below.

Jim will be in Chicago for the 229th meeting of the AOS on March 15–18th with a stack of new books. Be sure to stop by the display, browse the books, and say hi to Jim.

We received a few reviews for Eisenbrauns books this month; I’ve included excerpts from two of them below. If you happen across a review of an Eisenbrauns book, please let me know about it via email!

In other news, we created a tribute page for Gary Knoppers, Eisenbrauns author and Penn State University professor for 25 years. If you know of an online tribute, please let me know and I’ll add a link to the page.

On a less somber note, over in the Twittersphere, Eisenauthor Dru Johnson created a couple of graphics promoting his books that you might enjoy. And Robert Miller will be giving a lecture related to his Dragon book; the details are below.

Rounding out this month’s Ancient News is a new PSU Press book that you might find interesting, and a forthcoming book in the Religion Around series. If you are interested in knowing when it is published, be sure to sign up for an email notification by clicking here and subscribing to the Religion Around series (you can also subscribe to other PSU Press emails there).


10-day sale

30–50% off selected BJSUCSD titles!

View the sale here

new & forthcoming eisenbrauns books

upcoming exhibits & events

MARCH American Oriental Society
Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL
MARCH World Christianity Conference
Princeton Theological Seminary
MARCH Lecture by Robert Miller: “Tracking the Dragon across the ANE”
Shippenburg University
Old Main Chapel
3/21 @7:00 PM

awards & reviews

Hope for a Tender Sprig

Hope for a Tender Sprig

Jehoiachin in Biblical Theology

“To his credit, his study maintains the distinctiveness of each book’s portrait of Jehoiachin, including the inner developments that are evident. He does not attempt to flatten out the testimony of each book, let alone of the entire canon. On the contrary, his attention to theological developments is highly commendable and ensures his synthesis is not monochrome but has texture and credibility. . . . Patton’s work is an important contribution to the study of the significance of Jehoiachin in biblical theology. The presentation of the biblical data (except for Isaiah) is first rate and demonstrates that Jehoiachin was not just a diminutive figure of Judah’s decline but also the one prophetically marked out as the carrier of divine promises of the nation’s future restoration.”—George Athas, Moore Theological College in Review of Biblical Literature, December 2018

Enemies and Friends of the State

Enemies and Friends of the State

Ancient Prophecy in Context

“[T]he book is . . . a solid exploration of the prophetic phenomenon and many chapters therein deserve to be at the forefront of the discussion as to the role of prophets vis-à-vis the state.”—Kurtis Peters, University of British Columbia in Biblical and Early Christian Studies

new from psu press

Embodiment, Relation, Community

Embodiment, Relation, Community

A Continental Philosophy of Communication

By Garnet C. Butchart

In this volume, Garnet C. Butchart shows how human communication can be understood as embodied relations and not merely as a mechanical process of transmission. Expanding on contemporary philosophies of speech and language, self and other, and community and. . . (more)

Religion Around John Donne

Religion Around John Donne

By Joshua Eckhardt

In this volume, Joshua Eckhardt examines the religious texts and books that surrounded the poems, sermons, and inscriptions of the early modern poet and preacher John Donne. Focusing on the material realities legible in manuscripts and Sammelbände, bookshops and private libraries, Eckhardt uncovers the. . . (more)

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