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Welcome to the January issue of Ancient News. We have an assortment of good stuff for you, starting out with our 10-day sale, featuring titles in the History, Archaeology, and Culture of the Levant at 30–50% off! The sale ends January 24th, though, so hurry! I’ve listed a few of the titles below to whet your appetite.

Jim will be in South Bend, Indiana for the annual ASOR/AOS/SBL Midwest Meeting with a stack of new books, including the Ollenburger Festschrift—all at a discount! Be sure to stop by the display, browse the books, and say hi to Jim.

The Review of Biblical Literature posted a few reviews of Eisenbrauns books in December; I’ve included excerpts from two of them below. If you happen across a review of an Eisenbrauns book, please let me know about it via email!

Let me remind you to look at our latest Eisenbrauns catalog. You can download it here. Opening with a letter from Jim, it’s loaded with forthcoming and recently published titles that you will want to know about.

Rounding out this month’s Ancient News is a new PSU Press book that you might find interesting and a forthcoming book in a new series, Inventing Christianity. Be sure to sign up for an email notification when new titles in the series are released by clicking here (you can also subscribe to other PSU Press emails there).


10-day sale

30–50% off HACL titles!

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South Bend, IN
MARCH American Oriental Society
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MARCH World Christianity Conference
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awards & reviews

Trinity, Economy, and Scripture

Trinity, Economy, and Scripture

Recovering Didymus the Blind

“In sum, Hicks’s book is a closely argued and thoughtfully articulated demonstration of how Didymus the Blind’s exegetical writings can be better understood in light of the theological commitments presented in De Trinitate. Hicks is to be commended for his creative synthesis of major themes in the texts under examination, as well as for his robust engagement with secondary literature and the minutiae of textual variants and differences in scholarly translations. . . . Hicks’s work is very much a worthy contribution to the Journal of Theological Interpretation Supplements series, creatively synthesizing some key elements of the texts under examination and challenging modern Christian interpreters of Scripture to recover the best aspects of this ancient church father.”—Kyle R. Hughes, Atlanta, Georgia in Review of Biblical Literature, December 2018

Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic

Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic

“[T]he work represents a great service to students of Qumran Aramaic in that it presents a single repository for many of the glosses they will encounter when using critical editions of the texts. . . . Cook’s work is commendable and provides a helpful resource for research in Q[umran] A[ramaic]. I very much look forward to the next edition of this dictionary and hopes Cook builds upon the good work he has put into the present volume.”—Albert Lukaszewski, St Ninian Institute in Review of Biblical Literature, December 2018

new from psu press

Museum Rhetoric

Milton and the Parables of Jesus

Self-Representation and the Bible in John Milton’s Writings

By David V. Urban

In Milton and the Parables of Jesus, David V. Urban examines Milton’s self-referential use of figures from the New Testament parables in his works of poetry and prose.

Urban’s informative introduction explores the history of. . . (more)

The Quakers, 1656–1723

Christians in Caesar’s Household

The Emperors’ Slaves in the Makings of Christianity

By Michael Flexsenhar III

In this volume, Michael Flexsenhar III advances the argument that imperial slaves and freedpersons in the Roman Empire were essential to early Christians’ self-conception as a distinct people in the Mediterranean and played a. . . (more)

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