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Welcome to the June issue of Ancient News. As always, we have great new releases and forthcoming titles that will assist your research endeavors. Sign up for email notices and receive a 30% discount coupon when the books are released.

As mentioned last month, Jim will be making the conference circuit, from Indiana to Innsbruck to Helsinki. If your travel plans include any of the listed conferences, be sure to stop by our table and say hi. Of course, we’ll have 30–40% off on all the books.

A few reviews of Eisenbrauns books came to our attention this month, two of which are featured in the Awards & Reviews section. Rounding out this month’s Ancient News are two related PSU Press new releases that you might find interesting.


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Imago Dei as Human Identity

The Imago Dei as Human Identity

A Theological Interpretation

“The book provides a helpful survey of classical and contemporary views of the imago Dei and a biblical view that includes material from both Testaments. Peterson promotes a canonical and systematic view of the imago Dei that draws insights from all of these understandings as well as provides a more flexible and potentially expanding view of human nature.”—Stephen Reed, University of Jamestown, in Review of Biblical Literature, May 2018

The 2003–2007 Excavations in the Late Roman Fort at Yotvata

The 2003–2007 Excavations in the Late Roman Fort at Yotvata

“The richly illustrated volume presents the archaeology and finds from the fort, as well as analyses of floral and faunal remains. Among the most exciting finds—attesting to the Roman emperor Diocletian’s reorganization of Arabia and Palaestina—is a monumental Latin inscription indicating that the fort was established in the late third century C.E. by Aufidius Priscus, governor of the province of Palaestina, who is also known from an inscription on a marble column found in Caesarea Maritima.”—Biblical Archaeology Review, January/February, 2018

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From Alienation to Forms of Life

From Alienation to Forms of Life

The Critical Theory of Rahel Jaeggi

Edited by Amy Allen and Eduardo Mendieta

The wide-ranging work of Rahel Jaeggi, a leading voice of the new generation of critical theorists, demonstrates how core concepts and methodological approaches in the tradition of the Frankfurt School can be updated, stripped of their dubious metaphysical. . . (more)

The Hidden Life of Life

The Hidden Life of Life

A Walk through the Reaches of Time

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Inspired by the idea of symbiosis in evolution¶mdash;that all living things evolve in a series of cooperative relationships—Thomas takes readers on a journey through the progression of life. Along the way she shares the universal likenesses, experiences, and. . . (more)


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