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Welcome to the May issue of Ancient News. We have an assortment of good stuff for you, starting out with our 10-day sale, featuring 20–40% off selected CDL titles. The sale ends May 20th, though, so hurry! I’ve listed some of the titles below.

We have quite a number of books in press, and more in the pipeline. I've listed a few of them below, but watch your inbox for new release emails. Update your email preferences so you don't miss out on any of them!

I’ll be in Vancouver for the atla conference in June. If you are attending, be sure to stop by and chat. Of course, you will want to take a look at our latest offerings, too!

We received a few reviews of Eisenbrauns books this month, and one for a PSU Press book that you might enjoy; I’ve included excerpts from four of them below. If you happen across a review of an Eisenbrauns book, please let me know about it via email!

Rounding out this month’s Ancient News are two PSU Press books that you might find interesting—you can even get a tote bag with one of them! The other one is a bit off the beaten path, but I suspect you might enjoy it. Let me know if I’m right. Use coupon code NR18 to receive 30% off.


10-day sale

20–40% off selected CDL titles!

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new eisenbrauns books

upcoming exhibits & events

JUNE atla
Annual Meeting

Vancouver, BC
JULY 65th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale
Paris, France

awards & reviews

Covenant in the Persian Period

Covenant in the Persian Period

From Genesis to Chronicles

“Much can be learned from the essays in Covenant in the Persian Period.. . . I would say that, behind the diversity of ideas related to covenant themes, there still is a striking unity: it is the sure conviction that YHWH never ultimately disrupts his relationship with Israel.”—Pieter de Vries, Free University of Amsterdam in Review of Biblical Literature, March 2019

Apocalypse Illuminated

Apocalypse Illuminated

The Visual Exegesis of Revelation in Medieval Illustrated Manuscripts

“[I]t is his sympathetic grasp of how the images function, grounded in an extensive knowledge of the manuscripts and the subtle nuances of medieval exegetical traditions, which makes this book so compelling. Readers will find in Emmerson a trustworthy and illuminating guide, like the interpreting angel of John’s Apocalypse or the ever-present figure of John himself.”—Ian Boxall, The Catholic University of America in Review of Biblical Literature, March 2019

The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

An Old Testament Myth, Its Origins, and Its Afterlives

“Miller has provided a great service to biblical scholars. He has assembled a great deal of evidence from within and without the Bible and clearly has a strong command of the literature. Rather than a simplistic search for parallels, he identifies the component aspects of the mythic material, then locates these mythemes in a wide variety of texts. Through this, he is able to argue for the presence of the dragon-slaying myth without suggesting wholesale borrowing or complete dependence. While scholars who see little to no Chaoskampf material in the biblical text are unlikely to be convinced by all of his examples, the volume of evidence and the care that Miller takes to employ his arguments will help to continue what has been a healthy, lively debate for over a century.”—Brandon R. Grafius, Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit in Review of Biblical Literature, April 2019

History and Hope

History and Hope

The Agrarian Wisdom of Isaiah 28-35

“The main title of this book, History and Hope, well applicable to a study of the book of Isaiah, does not betray its specific judiciousness before the end. The subtitle, Agrarian Wisdom, elicits curiosity but also suspicion: Does it present another approach to the biblical text that easily bypasses existing ways of interpretation? Fortunately, it does not. At its conclusion, one discovers that it is based on profound knowledge not only of the book of Isaiah but also of its contemporary, both diachronic and synchronic, research. Interacting with this scholarship, Daniel Stulac guides readers on a surprisingly innovative path of explanation. The introduction to the monograph situates his work in the research field. The successive chapters clarify his procedure and the results. . .  This lucidly composed and written work is to be assessed as an important acquisition in the laboratory of contemporary research on the book of Isaiah. It is strongly innovative with regard to both the hermeneutics of biblical prophecy and the detailed exegesis of Isa 28–35 within the context of the whole book.”—Willem A. M. Beuken, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Review of Biblical Literature, May 2019

new from psu press

Religion Around John Donne


A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic

Translated with an introduction by Dan Attrell and David Porreca

Free tote! (while supplies last)
A manual for constructing talismans, mixing magical compounds, summoning planetary spirits, and determining astrological conditions, Picatrix is a cornerstone of Western esotericism. It offers important. . . (more)

The Shape of Difficulty

The Shape of Difficulty

A Fan Letter to Unruly Objects

Bret L. Rothstein

What is it about puzzles that drives us to figure them out? In this unique and innovative book, Bret L. Rothstein explores how mechanical problems delight and frustrate us, distracting our attention from recognizably “useful“ activities and directing it toward something that may. . . (more)

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