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Welcome to the October issue of Ancient News!

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Eisenbrauns author Joseph L. Malone. Among his contributions to the field, we are proud to count two Eisenbrauns books: The Morphophonological Development of the Classical Aramaic Verb and Tiberian Hebrew Phonology. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

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The Eisenbrauns Staff

Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplement sale

Save up to 60% with discount code BBR22. Sale ends 10/16.

Cover for The Abyss in Revelation

The Abyss in Revelation

A View from Below

$69.95 $41.97

It is generally accepted that Revelation’s heavenly scenes were intended to demonstrate that God continued to exercise his control even when the audience’s experience might suggest otherwise. In The Abyss in Revelation, Edward Gudeman argues that even though the scenes of the underworld and its inhabitants are describing reality from the opposite perspective, they declare God’s sovereignty and power in an equally powerful way.

Cover for A New Look at Atonement in Leviticus

A New Look at Atonement in Leviticus

The Meaning and Purpose of Kipper Revisited

$112.95 $67.77

“Throughout, evaluation of Milgrom’s epoch-defining contribution is judicious yet penetrating. Gaps are convincingly exposed, inviting further reflection. In that sense, Leviticus scholarship is well served.”—G. Geoffrey Harper,Themelios

Cover for Signs of Continuity

Signs of Continuity

The Function of Miracles in Jesus and Paul

$85.95 $34.38

For more than a century, scholars have debated whether Paul the apostle was a faithful follower of Jesus or a corruptor of Jesus’s message and the true founder of Christianity. Signs of Continuity intervenes in this debate by exploring a largely overlooked element of similarity between the two men: the place of miracles in their ministries.

Cover for Paul and His Mortality6

Paul and His Mortality

Imitating Christ in the Face of Death

$50.95 $24.48

While many books are written on Jesus’s death, a gap exists in writings about the theological significance of a believer’s death, particularly in imitation of Jesus’s. Paul, as a first apostolic witness who talked frequently about his own death, serves as a foundational model for how believers perceive their own death. While many have commented about Paul’s stance on topics such as forensic righteousness and substitutionary atonement, less is written about Paul’s personal experience and anticipation of his own death and the merit he assigned to it.

new books

Cover for Political Change and Material Culture in Middle to Late Bronze Age Canaan

Political Change and Material Culture in Middle to Late Bronze Age Canaan

Shlomit Bechar

“Bechar has undertaken an in-depth study of the ceramics at Hazor and put its assemblage in dialogue with those of surrounding settlements, which will be extremely useful for archaeologists working in the region. This study allows her to make important conclusions—such as the fact that pottery shapes at Tel Arqa in the LB II become less similar to those in the Southern Levant and more similar to those of the Northern Levant. In border zones where allegiances fluctuate, this kind of ceramic shift may represent one of the few available ways to understand political shifts at the time.”—Ellen Morris, author of Ancient Egyptian Imperialism

Cover for The Landfill of Early Roman Jerusalem

The Landfill of Early Roman Jerusalem

The 2013–2014 Excavations in Area D3

Yuval Gadot

“The studies in this volume provide a fascinating window into Early Roman Jerusalem by presenting the results of the meticulous excavation of a massive garbage dump on the southeastern slope of the City of David. The comprehensive and detailed analyses of the various categories of finds—including pottery, coins, stone vessels, glass, animal and fish bones, and wood—indicate the existence of an organized system of rubbish disposal, much of which appears to represent ordinary household waste. These studies therefore add a valuable new dimension to our understanding of daily life in late Second Temple Jerusalem.”—Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cover for Tel Miqne 10/1

Tel Miqne 10/1

Tel Miqne-Ekron Excavations 1994–1996, Field IV Upper and Field V, The Elite Zone Part 1: Iron Age IIC Temple Complex 650

Seymour (Sy) Gitin, Steven M. Ortiz, and Trude Dothan

In press!

Tel Miqne-Ekron is one of the largest and most significant Iron Age archaeological sites in Israel. Based on fourteen seasons of excavations, this volume in the Tel Miqne series documents remarkable finds from the late Iron Age II Philistine temple.

Cover for The Torah Unabridged

The Torah Unabridged

The Evolution of Intermarriage Law in the Hebrew Bible

William A. Tooman

In press!
The Torah Unabridged is a detailed examination of legal reasoning in the Hebrew Bible. Focusing on the exegetical operations by which biblical laws related to intermarriage were applied to circumstances and persons that lie outside the sphere of their explicit content, this book reconstructs the ways in which laws regarding intermarriage evolved, were interpreted, and were applied across time and place.


Cover for Bulletin for Biblical Research

The Bulletin for Biblical Research publishes peer-reviewed articles in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and New Testament and sometimes cognate literature, from a range of historical and literary approaches. Submit your paper to the journal today!

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