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Welcome to the October issue of Ancient News!

We are currently featuring a sale on mythology in the ancient Near East! Save 40–50% on select titles when you use discount code MYTHS at checkout. Sale ends 10/15.

Also in this issue of Ancient News, we have several exciting new and forthcoming titles to share with you, and a new open-access journal that will interest scholars of Palestine/Israel. Read on to learn more!

In case you missed it, the Penn State University Press Fall/Winter 2023 catalog, featuring a section of forthcoming titles from Eisenbrauns, is now live! Keep an eye out for our full Eisenbrauns 2023 catalog, coming soon!


The Eisenbrauns Staff

two-week sale

Save 40–50% on select titles with discount code MYTHS. Sale ends 10/15.

Cover for A Handbook of Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Near East

A Handbook of Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Near East

Three Thousand Deities of Anatolia, Syria, Israel, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, and Elam

$89.95 $53.97

“A must for every scholar of the ancient religions of western Asia.”—Gary Beckman, author of The babilili-Ritual from Hattusa

Cover for The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

An Old Testament Myth, Its Origins, and Its Afterlives

$81.95 $49.17

“Readers will find useful tools throughout Miller’s work, whether it is the careful development of the background of the dragon-slaying myth in ancient cultures or the myriad observations about biblical texts when examined through this lens. This is a subject that has needed sustained attention. Even where readers may not be convinced by Miller’s arguments, they will find ample material to develop and strengthen their own.”—Mark McEntire, Review of Biblical Literature

Cover for Male and Female in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Male and Female in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Encounters, Literary History, and Interpretation

$44.95 $26.17

“On a literary-critical level, Abusch has given us much to think about and has presented a plausible, if uncertain, reconstruction of the Epic’s long and complicated history.”—Gary Beckman, American Oriental Society

Cover for Baal, St. George, and Khidr

Baal, St. George, and Khidr

A Study of the Historical Geography of the Levant

$80.95 $48.57

In Western tradition, St. George is known as the dragon slayer. In the Middle East, he is called Khidr (“Green One”), and in addition to being a dragon slayer, he is also somehow the prophet Elijah. In this book, Robert D. Miller II untangles these complicated connections and reveals how, especially in his Middle Eastern guise, St. George is a reincarnation of the Canaanite storm god Baal, another “Green One” who in Ugaritic texts slays dragons.

new books

Cover image

The Royal Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal (668–631 BC), Aššur-etel-ilāni (630–627 BC), and Sîn-šarra-iškun (626–612 BC), Kings of Assyria, Part 3

Jamie Novotny, Joshua Jeffers, and Grant Frame

This is the final installment in a tripartite critical edition of the inscriptions of the last major Neo-Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal, and the members of his family.

Cover image

Focus Construction with kî ʾim in Biblical Hebrew

Grace J. Park

In press!

This study uses modern linguistic theory to analyze a frequently recurring syntactic phenomenon in the Hebrew Bible that has thus far resisted explanation: כי אם.

Cover image for Before There Were Kings

Before There Were Kings

A Literary Analysis of the Book of Judges

Elie Assis

In press!

“Assis utilizes a close reading of the book of Judges and interacts with the secondary literature while contributing to a reading of the text that explains how the parts produce the whole. Before There Were Kings makes an important contribution, not simply in the method of reading, but in the particular way in which Assis’s perspective contributes to an understanding of the book.”—K. Lawson Younger, Jr., Divinity School, Trinity International University

Cover image for From Nomadism to Monarchy?

From Nomadism to Monarchy?

Revisiting the Early Iron Age Southern Levant

Edited by Ido Koch, Oded Lipschits, and Omer Sergi

In press!

Archaeological exploration in the Central Highlands of the Southern Levant conducted during the 1970s and 1980s dramatically transformed the scholarly understanding of the early Iron Age and led to the publication of From Nomadism to Monarchy: Archaeological and Historical Aspects of Early Israel, by Israel Finkelstein and Nadav Na’aman. This volume explores and reassesses the legacy of that foundational text.


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