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New in the AnthropoScene Series

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Cover for Oil Fictions

Oil Fictions

World Literature and Our Contemporary Petrosphere

Edited by Stacey Balkan and Swaralipi Nandi

Hardcover price: $124.95, with promo code: $87.47.

“This excellent collection not only provides an authoritative introduction to petrofiction’s key texts, conceptual debates, and critical methodologies but also extends the range and scope of that work. In their impressive expansion of the geographical ambit and theoretical concerns of oil fiction, particularly into the Global South, these essays offer new and hitherto underrealized perspectives. They are what the field has been waiting for.”
—Graeme Macdonald, coauthor of Combined and Uneven Development: Toward a New Theory of World-Literature

Cover for The Art of Identification

The Art of Identification

Forensics, Surveillance, Identity

Edited by Rex Ferguson, Melissa M. Littlefield, and James Purdon

Hardcover price: $119.95, with promo code: $83.97.

“While there is now a growing literature on identification, there is no volume, as far as I know, so firmly rooted in literary studies, as compared to historical approaches. The Art of Identification makes a significant, original, and novel contribution to the literature.”
—Simon Cole, author of Suspect Identities: A History of Fingerprinting and Criminal Identification

Cover for Fear and Nature

Fear and Nature

Ecohorror Studies in the Anthropocene

Edited by Christy Tidwell and Carter Soles

Hardcover price: $109.95, with promo code: $76.97.

Fear and Nature straddles popular culture studies, horror and gothic studies, film and literary studies, and cultural studies. It is an expansive, ambitious, and exploratory book that is working to move the field beyond earlier works of ecohorror criticism by considering fresh approaches to the subject.”—Bernice Murphy, author of The Rural Gothic in American Popular Culture: Backwoods Horror and Terror in the Wilderness

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