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Welcome to the February issue of Bluelines! Don’t miss our JSTOR open articles for Black History month.

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The following journal articles are free to read on JSTOR through March 1:

Critical Philosophy of Race

“What it means to be human!”: A Conversation with Cornel West
Eduardo Mendieta
Critical Philosophy of Race
Vol. 5, No. 2

This conversation with Cornel West about his views on philosophical anthropology, race, U.S. history, tragedy, German philosophy, and theology includes lengthy discussions on former U.S. president Barack Obama, his policies, and his failure to live up to the promise of black prophetic thought.

Journal of Africana Religions

“To Battle for Human Rights”: Afro-Creole Spiritualism and Martyrdom
Emily Suzanne Clark
Journal of Africana Religions
Vol. 6, No. 2

From 1858 to 1877 a group of Afro-Creole men in New Orleans practiced American Spiritualism and received messages from the spirit world. The spirits of the dead advised the Cercle Harmonique, as they called themselves, on issues of theology and politics. Though the Spiritualism practiced by the Cercle Harmonique was similar to that of white, northern Protestants, the practice of the Afro-Creoles was a distinctively African American religion. Spiritualist martyrs who engaged the Cercle Harmonique were those who died in defense of Black rights and in contest with white supremacy.

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