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Q&A with Animalibus editor Nigel Rothfels

Books in the Animalibus: Of Animals and Cultures series share a fascination not only with the importance of animals in human life, but also with how thinking about animals can give us insights into human cultures, in different temporal and geographical contexts. Series editor Nigel Rothfels talks with us about the latest book in the series, The Hidden Life of Life by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, and where the series goes from here.

What was your impetus for starting the series? Given its unique focus, did you feel it addressed a certain niche?

We thought there would be interest in a series presenting original and compelling research in Animal Studies from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. We also wanted books that focused on the results of research rather than on disciplinary debates. I think it can be a challenge for authors to write to broader audiences and for a multidisciplinary series to earn a strong reputation. In the end, I have been thrilled by both the quality of the proposals we have received and the reception of the completed books.

Read the whole interview on Tumblr (here).

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