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Ilan Stavans for Ted-Ed: Why Should You Read Don Quixote?

Ilan Stavans, author of the forthcoming graphic novel Don Quixote of la Mancha, discusses what makes the beloved novel so relevant in this animated video talk for Ted-Ed.

Mounting his skinny steed, Don Quixote charges an army of giants. It is his duty to vanquish these behemoths in the name of his beloved lady, Dulcinea. There’s only one problem: the giants are merely windmills. What is it about this tale of the clumsy yet valiant knight that makes it so beloved? Ilan Stavans investigates.

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Each month we’re highlighting a book available through PSU Press Unlocked, an open-access initiative featuring scholarly digital books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. This month’s pick: Transcending Textuality: Quevedo and Political Authority in the Age of Print, part of our Romance Studies series.

In Transcending Textuality, Ariadna García-Bryce provides a fresh look at post-Trent political culture and Francisco de Quevedo’s place within it by examining his works in relation to two potentially rival means of transmitting authority: spectacle and. . .  (more)

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