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Welcome to the October issue of Bluelines!

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Cover for Religion Around Walter Benjamin Religion Around Walter Benjamin

Brian Britt

“An excellent sourcebook for students and readers of Benjamin coming at his life and writing for the first time. Almost every source that could be called ‘religious’ or ‘religion’ in circles close to him, circles he may have crossed, and circles far from him is given a nod”—Paul North, author of The Yield: Kafka’s Atheological Reformation

Cover for Scented Visions Scented Visions

Smell in Art, 1850–1914

Christina Bradstreet

“The first study of its kind, Christina Bradstreet’s Scented Visions documents in stunning detail the important role of scent in nineteenth-century art. Tracing a myriad of scent motifs that emerge across a wide array of art styles and movements, Bradstreet’s book makes a powerful contribution to our understanding of the cultural contexts of smell and history, particularly in this visual discipline in which we assume it must be marginalized. Upending assumptions about what constitutes the visual, Bradstreet offers a powerful model for what it means to ‘see’ smell in our archives of the past.”—Holly Dugan, author of The Ephemeral History of Perfume: Scent and Sense in Early Modern England

Cover for The Living from the Dead The Living from the Dead

Disaffirming Biopolitics

Stuart J. Murray

“A meticulously conceptualized and eloquently argued ethico-rhetorical critique of neoliberal modernity and an impassioned disaffirmation of its biopolitical rationality. . . . This is a book not just to be read and then read again, but also to be thought about for a very long time.”—Barbara A. Biesecker, author of Addressing Postmodernity: Kenneth Burke, Rhetoric, and a Theory of Social Change

Cover for Friendly Sovereignty Friendly Sovereignty

Historical Perspectives on Carl Schmitt's Neglected Exception

Ted H. Miller

“Sovereignty is a major subject in discussions of politics today. Thanks to widespread interest in Carl Schmitt’s writings, it figures in critiques of liberalism that stress the reality of violent extralegal action. Covering three political thinkers, Friendly Sovereignty directs our eyes to the dangers of nonviolent, ‘friendly’ forms of extralegality—favoritism, corruption, and mercy. It is a timely warning, born of the recognition that ‘friendly sovereignty’ has been a clear and present danger in recent U.S. politics.”—Deborah Baumgold, author of Contract Theory in Historical Context: Essays on Grotius, Hobbes, and Locke

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Each month we’re highlighting a book available through PSU Press Unlocked, an open-access initiative featuring scholarly digital books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. This month’s pick: The Moravian Graveyards at Nazareth, Pa., 1744–1904.

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