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Welcome to the February issue of PSU Press News!

In case you missed it, our Spring/Summer 2023 and Art and Architecture 2023 catalogs are live! Use the links to preview what’s coming up from us in art history, religious studies, rhetoric and communication, medieval and early modern studies, literature, current events, and more.

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Cover for A Constellation of Authority A Constellation of Authority

Castilian Bishops and the Secular Church During the Reign of Alfonso VIII

Kyle C. Lincoln

“As a work of Iberian ecclesiastical history, A Constellation of Authority participates in the vigorous scholarly conversation of the last few decades. As a study of the twelfth-century Castilian episcopate, it is wholly original—its painstaking archival research has uncovered previously unknown documentary evidence.”—Janna Bianchini, author of The Queen’s Hand: Power and Authority in the Reign of Berenguela of Castile

Cover for Fragment, Image, and Absence in 1960s Japan Fragment, Image, and Absence in 1960s Japan

Ignacio A. Adriasola Muñoz

“Effectively applying psychoanalysis and other theoretical approaches, Adriasola Muñoz explores the melancholy and estrangement experienced by a diverse selection of artists and critics active in Japan in the 1960s. This book dovetails nicely with a rich and growing English-language literature on the art of Japan in the late 1950s and 1960s by authors such as Marotti, Tiempo, Tomii, Kunimoto, and Prichard.”—Jonathan Reynolds, author of Allegories of Time and Space: Japanese Identity in Photography and Architecture

Cover for Violence and the Genesis of the Anatomical Image Violence and the Genesis of the Anatomical Image

Rose Marie San Juan

“It is a rare thing to discover a book that is both engaging and profound. Violence and the Genesis of the Anatomical Image will change the way scholars approach early modern anatomical images, for, although the issue of violence has never been out of sight, no scholar has attempted anything like this sustained meditation on the problem. This book should be consulted by anyone interested in the early modern body, not to mention anatomy, medicine, art, and religion.”
—Christian K. Kleinbub, author of Michelangelo’s Inner Anatomies

Cover for In Light of Rome In Light of Rome

Early Photography in the Capital of the Art World, 1842–1871

John F. McGuigan, Jr., Frank H. Goodyear III, and Foreword by Maria Francesca Bonetti

This comprehensive study of Rome’s contribution to the early history of photography traces the medium’s rise from a fledgling science to a dynamic form of artistic expression that forever changed the way we perceive the Eternal City.

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