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Welcome to the March issue of Ancient News. We have an assortment of good stuff for you, starting out with our 10-day sale, featuring selected Eisenbrauns titles at 30–50% off! The sale ends March 25th, though, so hurry! I’ve listed some of the titles below.

I will be in St. Paul for the Upper Midwest AAR/SBL on April 6th with a stack of new books. Be sure to stop by the display, browse the books, and say hi. Last year, we got 18 inches of snow and it was canceled. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of that!

We received a few reviews for Eisenbrauns books this month; I’ve included excerpts from four of them below. If you happen across a review of an Eisenbrauns book, please let me know about it via email!

Rounding out this month’s Ancient News is a new PSU Press book that you might find interesting—I mentioned it when it was in press, but now it has been published—and an older title you may have missed.


10-day sale

30–50% off selected Eisenbrauns titles!

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new & forthcoming eisenbrauns books

upcoming exhibits & events

MARCH Lecture by Robert Miller: “Tracking the Dragon across the ANE”
Shippenburg University
Old Main Chapel
3/21 @7:00 PM
APRIL Upper Midwest
University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
JUNE American Theological Library Association Conference
Vancouver, BC

awards & reviews

The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

The Dragon, the Mountain, and the Nations

An Old Testament Myth, Its Origins, and Its Afterlives

“Readers will find useful tools throughout Miller’s work, whether it is the careful development of the background of the dragon-slaying myth in ancient cultures or the myriad observations about biblical texts when examined through this lens. This is a subject that has needed sustained attention. Even where readers may not be convinced by Miller’s arguments, they will find ample material to develop and strengthen their own.”—Mark McEntire, Belmont University in Review of Biblical Literature, March 2019

The Shape of the Writings

The Shape of the Writings

“This important book will shape discussion of the development of the canon in general and of the Writings in particular for years to come. It is a collection of essays covering different books that make up the Writings, including a joint essay by the editors plus one essay each within the body of the book. It has an impressive range of contributions and contributors and some fascinating responses from leading scholars in the field. The book shows what a complex issue canon and canonization, as both collection and process, has become.”—Katharine Dell, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge in Review of Biblical Literature, March 2019

The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, Volume 4, Part 1

The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, Volume 4, Part 1

Neo-Assyrian Specialists: Crafts, Offices, and Other Professional Designations

“We must congratulate the author of this excellent and extremely practical work which will open new avenues of research on the fascinating world of craftsmen of the neo-Assyrian era, and more generally on the society of the time.”—L. Marti, Paris, Bibliotheca Orientalis 75 (2018): 352–54

Socoh of the Judean Shephelahs

Socoh of the Judean Shephelah

The 2010 Survey

“This research is a good example that it is possible to get a quite detailed understanding of the history of the site of Socoh using only non-destructive techniques.”—Eva Kaptun, Royal Belgian Institute in Bibliotheca Orientalis 75 (2018): 408–11

new from psu press

Christians in Caesar’s Household

Christians in Caesar’s Household

The Emperors’ Slaves in the Makings of Christianity

Michael Flexsenhar III

In this volume, Michael Flexsenhar III advances the argument that imperial slaves and freedpersons in the Roman Empire were essential to early Christians’ self-conception as a distinct people in the Mediterranean and played a multifaceted role in the. . . (more)

Jewish Literary Cultures

Jewish Literary Cultures

Volume 1, The Ancient Period

David Stern

This first installment in the three-volume Jewish Literary Cultures is a collection of essays and studies of diverse texts and topics in ancient Jewish literature, ranging from fables in the Bible and ancient Jewish interpretations of the Song of Songs to the use of erotic narrative in rabbinic literature, the canonization of. . . (more)

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