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Welcome to the December issue of Bluelines!

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We’re thrilled to announce our Spring/Summer 2022 catalog, with books in literature, art history, religious studies, rhetoric and communication, modernism, medieval and early modern studies, current events, and more. Browse the full catalog here.

Please note that the Press offices will be closed for winter break from December 18th through January 3rd. See you in 2022!

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Cover for A Jewish Bestiary A Jewish Bestiary

Fabulous Creatures from Hebraic Legend and Lore

Mark Podwal

“A children’s book for grown-ups, A Jewish Bestiary is modest in appearance, broad in learning and deep in subtle humor.”—The New York Times

Cover for Deplorable Deplorable

The Worst Presidential Campaigns from Jefferson to Trump

Mary E. Stuckey

“Stuckey brilliantly identifies when and how discourse degenerates to despicable and campaigns deteriorate to deplorable. I highly recommend her exquisitely written, lush, and lyrical exploration of these critical elections.”—Diane J. Heith, author of The Presidential Road Show: Public Leadership in an Era of Party Polarization and Media Fragmentation

Cover for School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy

How Market-Based Education Reform Fails Our Communities

Robert Asen

“The affirmative and affirming vision of School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy is one that rejects the ‘neutrality’ of ‘the market,’ and the habit of ignoring problems such as economic coercion, in favor of a world of interconnection. Asen’s elegant analysis of the (a)morality of neoliberalism is sure to be heavily cited for years to come.”—Patricia Roberts-Miller, author of Demagoguery and Democracy

Cover for What It Feels Like What It Feels Like

Visceral Rhetoric and the Politics of Rape Culture

Stephanie R. Larson

What It Feels Like is an exciting contribution to rhetorical studies and women’s and gender studies, offering a theory of visceral rhetoric that provides both explanatory power for rape culture and a potential framework for feminist intervention. It addresses a timely topic in a refreshingly new way, providing critical insight into how rape culture is rhetorically constituted as well as reason to hope for change.”—Elizabeth C. Britt, author of Reimagining Advocacy: Rhetorical Education in the Legal Clinic

subject/series highlight

Mark Podwal, the author of A Jewish Bestiary, discusses animal representation throughout Jewish history alongside some of his favorite creatures from the bestiary on our Tumblr.

“Animal representation has long figured in the history of the Jewish book. Indeed, the earliest printed Jewish book containing illustrations, as far as is known, is a collection of medieval animal fables, Meshal Ha-Kadmoni (“The Ancient Parable”). By the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the bestiary had achieved a popularity in the Christian world second only to that of the Bible. The earliest extant illustrated bestiary dates from the ninth century. Medieval bestiaries were almost always accompanied by illustrations, and this combination of text and picture provides the genre with special charm. In addition to being a kind of encyclopedia of the animal kingdom, the bestiary also served as a book of Christian moral and religious instruction. . . ”

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If you missed our November virtual author panel, “Disrupting Rhetorics of Privilege in Race, Sexuality, and Education,” you can view it here!

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