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Welcome to the February issue of Bluelines!

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Cover for Animating the Antique Animating the Antique

Sculptural Encounter in the Age of Aesthetic Theory

Sarah Betzer

Animating the Antique is painstaking, original, and uncompromising. Weaving art history with aesthetics, the history of archaeology and of collections, and other topics, Betzer’s study of the figuration of sculpture in two-dimensional representations sets a unique insight into a multifaceted framework.”—Whitney Davis, author of Replications: Archaeology, Art History, Psychoanalysis

Cover for Playful Pictures Playful Pictures

Art, Leisure, and Entertainment in the Venetian Renaissance Home

Chriscinda Henry

Playful Pictures provides a rich and welcome study of secular Venetian domestic paintings, many of which are familiar to art historians but have not been connected fully to the literary, social, and performative worlds of Venetian culture. Henry brings a well-researched interdisciplinary perspective and vividly re-creates the viewing contexts for these paintings.”—Jodi Cranston, author of Green Worlds of Renaissance Venice

Cover for Village Infernos and Witches' Advocates Village Infernos and Witches’ Advocates

Witch-Hunting in Navarre, 1608–1614

Lu Ann Homza

“Homza’s research brings to the table a wealth of materials previously neglected or overlooked. . . . This remarkably readable, comprehensive, insightful and nuanced study deserves a wide audience.”—Richard L. Kagan, author of Lucrecia’s Dreams: Politics and Prophecy in Sixteenth-Century Spain

Cover for Shortage and Famine in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon Shortage and Famine in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon

Adam Franklin-Lyons

“Franklin-Lyons shows a truly virtuosic command of a very diverse and complicated set of primary sources. Shortage and Famine in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon is so legible and lively that a reader unfamiliar with the evidence might not recognize what a truly impressive accomplishment this is in terms of archival work.”—Jeffrey A. Bowman, author of Shifting Landmarks: Property, Proof, and Dispute in Catalonia around the Year 1000

subject/series highlight

Edward Jarvis, the author of The Anglican Church in Burma: From Colonial Past to Global Future, discusses Christianity in Burma and its future on our Tumblr.

Q: To what extent are Christians, alongside Muslims, a persecuted group in Burma/Myanmar?

A: The various religious persecutions in Burma have occurred in very uneven patterns over the decades, so it is really difficult, or even impossible, to compare them. The reasons and driving forces behind the persecutions of Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups can be completely different; in some contexts, Burma’s majority-Buddhist population has experienced persecution too. Broadly speaking, the persecutions stem from a particularly inflexible and intolerant conception of nationhood—an ideology that has been a powerful force in the country’s politics for over a hundred years. The persecution of Christians is multifaceted, widespread, complex, and frequently horrifying, at least to the same extent as other religious persecutions.

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Zoom author event

Our Spring 2022 season of events kicks off on February 16! Join us for a discussion with the authors of three new books in our Latin American Originals series, moderated by series editor Matthew Restall. Register for the event here.

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