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Welcome to the October issue of Bluelines!

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Cover forHell of a Hat Hell of a Hat

The Rise of ‘90s Ska and Swing

Kenneth Partridge

“Now it can be told: the ska and swing music of the glorious post-Nirvana ‘90s deserves your love and respect. Kenneth Partridge takes you back to the songs that will have your Vans tapping, with stories that will make your pompadour stand on end. Mr. Partridge, skanks for the memories.”—Dave Holmes, editor-at-large of Esquire and former MTV VJ

Cover for Kabbalah and Sex Magic Kabbalah and Sex Magic

A Mythical-Ritual Genealogy

Marla Segol

In this provocative book, Marla Segol explores the development of the kabbalistic cosmology underlying Western sex magic. Drawing extensively on Jewish myth and ritual, Segol tells the powerful story of the relationship between the divine and the human body in late antique Jewish esotericism, in medieval kabbalah, and in New Age ritual practice.

Cover for School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy

How Market-Based Education Reform Fails Our Communities

Robert Asen

“The affirmative and affirming vision of School Choice and the Betrayal of Democracy is one that rejects the ‘neutrality’ of ‘the market,’ and the habit of ignoring problems such as economic coercion, in favor of a world of interconnection. Asen’s elegant analysis of the (a)morality of neoliberalism is sure to be heavily cited for years to come”—Patricia Roberts-Miller, author of Demagoguery and Democracy

Cover for A New Handbook of Rhetoric A New Handbook of Rhetoric

Inverting the Classical Vocabulary

Edited by Michele Kennerly

A New Handbook of Rhetoric is a major contribution to the ongoing conversation about how contemporary rhetorical theory relates to the rhetorical tradition. The digital world and global crises such as climate change motivate a search for theories that can explain, accommodate, and advance rhetorical judgments and rhetorical practice. The ‘alpha-privative’ strategy employed here is novel and productive, offering an innovative way to both learn from the past and move into the uncharted and unprecedented future.”—Carolyn R. Miller, coeditor of Landmark Essays on Rhetorical Genre Studies

subject/series highlight

Read our Q&A with Andrew Casper, author of An Artful Relic: The Shroud of Turin in Baroque Italy, on the Shroud of Turin and debates about its authenticity.

How did the Shroud of Turin become such an important and controversial religious artifact?

As far as medieval and early-modern relics go I don’t think there could be one as tantalizing as the Shroud of Turin. We have to remember that many relics are small and rather humble in appearance—a piece of a saint’s bone, for example, is not that much to look at. But the Shroud is large and combines traces of Christ’s blood with an image in what effectively amounts to a stamp of his body when the cloth came into contact with it. That said, the Shroud’s emergence did not come about all by itself. Instead, certain conditions came into alignment in the late 1500s that nurtured its rise to prominence: the growing power of the House of Savoy, the strategic establishment of their new capital in Turin, and the reinvigorated sense of triumph after the Counter-Reformation.

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

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