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The Eugene O’Neill Review

  • William Davies King, Editor

    Biannual Publication
    ISSN 1040-9483
    E-ISSN 2161-4318

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The Eugene O’Neill Review is the official academic journal of the Eugene O’Neill Society, an organization of scholars, theater professionals, and enthusiasts, which began meeting in 1978. We publish substantial and authoritative peer-reviewed presentations of new research, aimed primarily at a community of scholars who have a keen interest and background in O’Neill’s life and writings. Studies might focus on theatrical or literary history, including biography, or on critical interpretation. Consideration will be given to topics closely related, such as other figures in the Provincetown Players or other collaborators with O’Neill. We give special attention to publishing little-known or rediscovered documents, with appropriate contextualizing. Reports of newly opened or augmented archival resources are also welcome, as are book and performance reviews that trace the legacy of O’Neill’s work.

William Davies King, University of California, Santa Barbara

Book Review Editor
Kurt Eisen, Tennessee Tech University

Performance Review Editors
Robert McLean, City University of New York
J. Chris Westgate, California State University Fullerton

Editorial Assistants
Brian Granger, University of California, Santa Barbara
Kellyn Johnson, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board
Steven F. Bloom, Lasell College
Stephen A. Black, Simon Fraser University, emeritus
Judith E. Barlow, SUNY Albany
Patrick Chura, University of Akron
Robert M. Dowling, Central Connecticut State University
Zander Brietzke, Columbia University
Eileen J. Herrman, Dominican University
Bette Mandl, Suffolk University, emerita
Brenda Murphy, University of Connecticut
Laurin Porter, University of Texas, Arlington, emerita
Erika Rundle, Mt. Holyoke College

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