Penn State University Press Staff

General Administration
Patrick Alexander, Director
Teresa Craig, Assistant to the Director
Kendra Boileau, Assistant Director, Editor-in-Chief
Eleanor Goodman, Executive Editor
Kathryn B. Yahner, Acquisitions Editor
Ryan Peterson, Acquisitions Editor
Hannah Hebert, Editorial Assistant
Alex Vose, Editorial Assistant
Editorial, Design, and Production
Jennifer Norton, Associate Director, Design and Production Manager, (814) 863-8061
Regina Starace, Senior Designer
Laura Reed-Morrisson, Managing Editor
Jon Gottshall, Production Assistant
Alex Ramos, Production Editor
Brian Beer, Production Coordinator, (814) 867-2210
Sales and Marketing
Brendan Coyne, Sales and Marketing Director, (814) 863-5994
Cate Fricke, Publicity Manager, (814) 865-1329
Heather Smith, Advertising and Direct Mail Manager, (814) 863-0524
Janice North, Marketing and Sales Coordinator, (814) 867-2831
Rights and Permissions
Brendan Coyne, Sales and Marketing Director, (814) 863-5994
Diana Pesek, Journals Manager, (814) 867-2223
Julie Lambert, Production Coordinator
Astrid Meyer, Journals Managing Editor, (814) 863-3830
Jessica Karp, Production Assistant
Rachel Ginder, Production Assistant
Information Systems
Ed Spicer, IT Manager
Business / Order Fulfillment
Brett Wilson, Inventory and Distribution Specialist, (814) 865-1327,
Dave Buchan, Shipper/Receiver
Main Office, (814) 865-1327
Orders and Customer Service, (800) 326-9180

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