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Gestalt Review

Susan L. Fischer, Editor

Forthcoming 2018
Triannual Publication
ISSN 1084-8657
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Gestalt Review

Susan L. Fischer, Editor

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Launched in 1997, Gestalt Review is a peer-reviewed journal that provides a worldwide forum for exchanges in theory and practice. It concentrates on the Gestalt approach at all levels of system: from the individual, couples, families, and groups, to organizations, educational settings, and the community-at-large. Published three times a year, the journal includes original articles dealing with politics, philosophy, gender, and culture. There is also a section for book reviews and reflections. It is targeted to Gestalt theorists, Gestalt therapists, Organizational Development professionals, psychologists, social workers, clinicians, counselors, educators, and the community-at-large.

The Gestalt International Study Center Gestalt International Study Center (GISC) believes that awareness of yourself and how you work with others is the path toward having significant influence on people, greater personal and professional growth, and ultimate success. At the Gestalt International Study Center, powerful and practical learning experiences help you develop the ability to act with awareness and intention, to respond to challenges with more confidence and ease, and to create profound and positive change.

Susan L. Fischer, PhD, USA

Associate Editors
Dan Bloom, JD, LCSW, USA
Liv Estrup, MA, USA
Jon Frew, PhD, USA
Elinor Greenberg, PhD, USA
Susan Partridge, PhD, LCSW, USA
Susan Roos, PhD, LCSW, USA
Gary Yontef, PhD, LCSW, USA

Editorial Advisory Board
Nancy Amendt-Lyon, DrPhil, Austria
Jack Aylward, EdD, USA
Peter Cole, LCSW, USA
Sylvia Fleming Crocker, PhD, USA
Billy Desmond, MSc, MBA, UK, Ireland
Sarah Fallon, SRAsT(D), Dip GPTI, UK
Bud Feder, PhD, USA
Iris Fodor, PhD, USA
Gianni Francesetti, MD, Italy
Ruella Frank, PhD, USA
Seán Gaffney, PhD, Ireland/Sweden
Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD, Canada
Gaie Houston, MA, England
Francisco Huneeus, MD, Chile
Lynne Jacobs, PhD, USA
Isabelle Le Peuch, PhD, France
Talia Levine Bar-Yoseph, MA, Israel
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, PhD, Italy
Jochen Lohmeier, PhD, South Africa
Mark McConville, PhD, USA
Peter Mortola, PhD, USA
Violet Oaklander, PhD, USA
Eleanor O'Leary, PhD, Ireland
Brian O'Neill, BA (Hons) MAPS, Australia
Malcolm Parlett, PhD, UK
Erving Polster, PhD, USA
Robert Resnick, PhD, USA
Jan Roubal, MD, Czech Republic
Frank Rubenfeld, PhD, USA
Stuart N. Simon, LICSW, USA
Sarah Toman, PhD, USA
Daan van Baalen, MD, Norway
Carmen Vázquez Bandín, PhD, Spain
Gordon Wheeler, PhD, USA
Ansel Woldt, EdD, USA
Georges Wollants, Lic Ps Ped Sc, Belgium

Founding Editor
Joseph Melnick, PhD, USA

Gestalt Review is committed to working with authors in a productive and collaborative manner. Original manuscripts should be prepared according to Gestalt International Study Center stipulations and Chicago Manual of Style (author-date format). Generally, manuscripts should not exceed 8,000 words including notes and references. All submissions should include the following: an abstract of approximately 100 words; 3-5 keywords; email address; and a 2-3 sentence biography with your most advanced academic degree/professional title. An electronic version of the manuscript should be sent to the editor of Gestalt Review at . Manuscripts must not have been published, nor submitted for publication, elsewhere.

This is an Open Access journal.

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