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Texts, Readers, Audiences, History
  • James L. Machor
  • Amy L. Blair

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  • ISSN 2168-0604
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Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published once a year.  It seeks to promote dialog and discussion among scholars engaged in theoretical and practical analyses in several related fields: reader-response criticism and pedagogy, reception study, history of reading and the book, audience and communication studies, institutional studies and histories, as well as interpretive strategies related to feminism, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and postcolonial studies, focusing mainly but not exclusively on the literature, culture, and media of England and the United States.

Reception is the official journal of the Reception Study Society, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote informal and formal exchanges between scholars in several related fields: reader-response criticism and pedagogy, reception study, the history of reading and the book, cultural studies, communication and media studies, and any other studies engaging these primary areas.

Amy L. Blair, Marquette University
James L. Machor, Kansas State University

Editorial Board
Temma Berg, Gettysburg University
Rhiannon Bury, Athabasca University
Philip Goldstein, University of Delaware
Barbara Hochman, Ben Gurion University
Charles Johanningsmeier, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Steven J. Mailloux, Loyola Marymount University
Walter Metz, Montana State University
Toby Miller, University of California at Riverside
Kimberly Nance, Illinois State University
Rhonda Pettit, University of Cincinnati
Emily Satterwhite, Virginia Tech University
Patrocinio Schweickart, Purdue University
Janet Staiger, University of Texas at Austin
Charlotte Templin, University of Indianapolis
Tom Toremans, KU Leuven, Brussels Campus, Belgium

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