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An Interdisciplinary Journal
  • John Kelsay, Editor

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If “interdisciplinary” connotes anything, it should be improved communication across disciplines that foster mutual understanding. This, in turn, advances our understanding of the deeply complex ethical and moral issues facing our world today. Acknowledging the need for diversity and integrity in speaking to these issues, Soundings promotes dialogue, reflection, inquiry, discussion, and action. These activities are informed by scholarship and by the acknowledgment of the civil and social responsibilities of academe to engage the world beyond the ivory tower. Affiliated with the Society for Values in Higher Education, the journal has recently moved to Florida State University, where it is housed in the Center for Humanities and Society and edited by John Kelsay of the FSU Department of Religion.

John Kelsay, The Florida State University

Managing Editor
Ross Moret, The Florida State University

Editorial Assistants
Carson Bay
Thomas Greene

The Editorial Board
Charles Altieri, The University of California, Berkeley
Paul Ashdown, The University of Tennessee
Eric Bain-Selbo, Western Kentucky University
Robert Caserio, The Pennsylvania State University
Ayesha Chaudhry, The University of British Columbia
William Cloonan, The Florida State University
Harry F. Dahms, The University of Tennessee
G. Scott Davis, University of Richmond
Matthew Day, Florida State University
Allen R. Dunn, The University of Tennessee
Laurel Fulkerson, The Florida State University
Anthony Harkins, Western Kentucky University
David Hoekema (Chair), Calvin College
Linda Hogan, Trinity College Dublin
Mark Hulsether, The University of Tennessee
Christoph Irmscher, Indiana University
Paul Laurtizen, John Carroll University
John McGowan, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Richard B. Miller, Indiana University
Mary Papke, The University of Tennessee
Cian O’Driscoll, University of Glasgow
Michael Ruse, The Florida State University
Alan Singer, Temple University
Nathan Stoltzfus, The Florida State University
Nancy Warren, Texas A&M University
George Wilkes, University of Edinburgh

The Society for Values in Higher Education
Cathy Bao Bean, President
Eric Bain-Selbo, Western Kentucky University, Director

The Florida State University
Center for Humanities and Society

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