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The Mark Twain Annual

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The Mark Twain Annual publishes articles related to Mark Twain and those who surrounded him and serves as an outlet for new scholarship as well as new pedagogical approaches. It is the official publication of the The Mark Twain Circle of America, an international association of people interested in the life and work of Mark Twain. The Circle encourages interest in Mark Twain and fosters the formal presentation of ideas about the author and his work, as well as the informal exchange of information among its members.

Chad Rohman, Dominican University

Managing Editor
James S. Leonard, The Citadel

Book Review Editor
Kerry Driscoll, University of Saint Joseph

Editorial Board
John Bird, Winthrop University
Joseph Csicsila, Eastern Michigan University
Kerry Driscoll, University of Saint Joseph
Victor A. Doyno, SUNY, Buffalo
Lawrence Howe, Roosevelt University
James S. Leonard, The Citadel
Sharon D. McCoy, University of Georgia
Joseph McCullough, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Linda A. Morris, University of California, Davis
Thomas Quirk, University of Missouri
Forrest Robinson, University of California, Santa Cruz
Ann Ryan, Le Moyne College
Laura Skandera Trombley, Huntington Library
David E.E. Sloane, University of New Haven
Henry B. Wonham, University of Oregon

Past Editors:
John Bird, 2003–2007 (volumes 1–5)
Ann Ryan, 2008–2013 (volumes 6–11)

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