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The Good Society

A Journal of Civic Studies
  • Joshua A. Miller, Editor

  • Triannual Publication
  • ISSN 1089-0017
    E-ISSN 1538-9731

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Articles in The Good Society respond to the premise that “current versions of socialism and democratic capitalism fail to offer workable visions of a good society and seem increasingly to contradict such basic values as liberty, democracy, equality, and environmental sustainability.” The journal publishes outstanding dialectical articles on the pressing political, social, religious, and legal questions facing twenty-first-century society and aims to “create a theoretical basis for the eventual restructuring of real world political-economic systems.”

Joshua A. Miller, Editor
Trygve Throntveit, Editor
Matt Chick, Managing Editor
Rebecca Shamash, Managing Editor
Jeremy Janow, Senior Editor
Gregory A. McBrayer, Senior Editor
Habib Gharib, Assistant Editor
Darragh McNally, Assistant Managing Editor
John Min, Assistant Managing Editor

Editorial Board
Stephen L. Elkin, Chair
Paul Dragos Aligica
Gar Alperovitz
Harry C. Boyte
Archon Fung
Mark A. Graber
Peter Levine
Karol Sołtan
Thad Williamson

Founding Editor
Stephen L. Elkin, University of Maryland


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