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Journal of General Education

A Curricular Commons of the Humanities and Sciences
  • Jeremy Cohen, Editor
    Patty Wharton-Michael, Editor

  • Quarterly Publication

    ISSN 0021-3667
    E-ISSN 1527-2060

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Journal of General Education: A Curricular Commons of the Humanities and Sciences is devoted to the ideas and ideals of scholarship that enlighten the understanding of curriculum that reaches beyond disciplinary and professional concentrations to provide an undergraduate educational commons. The journal’s research, essays, forums and reviews engage academic communities and others in deliberations about general education experiments and innovation, as well as considerations of general education assessment, history, philosophy and theoretical perspective.

Journal of General Education: A Curricular Commons of the Humanities and Sciences will distinguish itself as a journal focused not on a scholarship of general interest to those engaged in undergraduate education writ large, but as a scholarly community interested in general education as a distinctive cornerstone of the arts of liberty  and as a conservator of enlightened engagement.

About the Editors:

Jeremy Cohen is Emeritus Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education at Penn State University. He was awarded tenure in Stanford University's Department of Communication/Institute for Communication Research and served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor in Residence at Northwestern University in Qatar. He holds a doctorate in Communication from the University of Washington, a masters in Journalism from the University of Southern California, and a baccalaureate in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.

Patty Wharton-Michael is Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Communication Department at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. She received a masters in Media Studies and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from The Pennsylvania State University.

Catherine Jordan holds a masters in Communication from the University of Washington and an interdisciplinary baccalaureate in Political Science/Sociology from Western Washington University’s Fairfield College.

Jeremy Cohen
Patty Wharton-Michael
Catherine Jordan

Advisory Board
Sean Burns, Northwestern University in Qatar
John Dedrick, Kettering Foundation
Rosa Eberly, Penn State University
Connie Flanagan, University of Wisconsin Madison
Walter Fluker, Boston University
Tanya Furman, Penn State University
Sukhwant Jhaj, Portland State University
Stephanie Kenen, Harvard College
John F. Kutsko, Emory University
Steven Lamy, University of Southern California
Lisa Lattuca, University of Michigan
Cynthia Nearman, Guilford College
Sondra Myers, University of Scranton
Sandra Richards, Northwestern University in Qatar
Randy Swing, Association for Institutional Research

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