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American Music Perspectives

Joseph Rapolla, Editor
Kenneth Womack, Editor


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American Music Perspectives

Joseph Rapolla, Editor
Kenneth Womack, Editor

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AMP: American Music Perspectives welcomes manuscripts from a variety of cultural and theoretical perspectives, while also considering traditional, biographical, historical, and archival studies of American music and its artists, composers, genres, and practitioners. AMP also welcomes interpretive analyses of American music, as well as manuscripts that investigate its sociocultural production, its political manifestations, and the history of the business practices and technological innovations associated with its development.

AMP recognizes that the history of American music draws on a complex and diverse tapestry of forms and styles, ranging from the indigenous sounds of Native American life and the Christian hymnody of European settlers to the gospel and blues originally propagated by West African slaves, the Cajun and Creole music of Louisiana, and the Polynesian sounds inherent in Hawaiian music. Twentieth-century American music proved to be even more fecund, with the apotheosis of Ragtime, Tex-Mex and Tejano music, country and western, Tin Pan Alley, jazz, concert, rockabilly, rock and roll, funk, disco, punk, hip-hop, and electronica, among a host of other phenomena.

Joseph Rapolla, Monmouth University
Kenneth Womack, Mommouth University

Managing Editor
Stuart Rosenberg, Monmouth University

Editorial Board
Eileen Chapman, Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music, Monmouth University
Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Bath Spa University
Kathryn Cox, University of Michigan
Mark Davidson, Bob Dylan Archives, University of Tulsa
Anthony DeCurtis, University of Pennsylvania
Jacqueline Edmondson, The Pennsylvania State University, Greater Allegheny
Roxanne Harde, University of Alberta
Katie Kapurch, Texas State University
Thomas Kitts, St. John’s University
Deanna McCloud, Woody Guthrie Center
Russell Reising, University of Toledo
Tim Riley, Emerson College
Robert Santelli, Oregon State University
Irwin Streight, Royal Military College of Canada
David Thurmaier, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Wayne Winborne, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University
Jerry Zolten, The Pennsylvania State University, Altoona

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