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Journal of Minority Achievement, Creativity, and Leadership

Fred A. Bonner II, Editor


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Journal of Minority Achievement, Creativity, and Leadership

Fred A. Bonner II, Editor

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The Journal of Minority Achievement Creativity and Leadership underscores achievement, creativity, and leadership among gifted and high-achieving minority populations across the P-20 continuum. The journal aims to provide a range of information that foregrounds asset-based as opposed to deficit-oriented models for academics as well as practitioners in P-12 and higher education contexts.

The Journal is affiliated with the MACH-III Center at Prairie View A&M University. The mission of the Minority Achievement, Creativity, and High-Ability Center (MACH-III) is to produce cutting-edge best-practices and scholarship that will speak to the contemporary issues impacting critical populations: administration, faculty, and students across the P-20 spectrum and beyond into workplace contexts.

Fred A. Bonner II, Prairie View A&M University

Managing Editor
Richi Raj, Prairie View A&M University, US

Associate Editor
Nicholas Hartlep, Berea College

Editorial Board
Mary Frances Agnello, Angello Enterprises
Mary Alfred, Texas A&M University
Judy Alston, Ashland University
Don Ambrose, Rider University
Dorinda Carter Andrews, Michigan State University
Rosa Banda, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Terah Venzant Chambers, Michigan State University
Mitchell Chang, University of California, Los Angeles
Felecia Commodore, Old Dominion University
James Earl Davis, Temple University
Joy Lawson Davis, Gifted Unlimited, LLC
Donna Druery, Texas A&M University, US
Edward Charles Fletcher Jr., The Ohio State University
Alonzo Flower, Drexel University
Donna Ford, The Ohio State University
Mark Giles, University of Texas at San Antonio
Ramon Goings, Loyola University, Maryland
Elsa Gonzalez, University of Houston
Mark Anthony Gooden, Teachers College, Columbia University
Tarek Grantham, University of Georgia, US
Kimberly Griffin, University of Maryland
Frank Harris III, San Diego State University
Kevin Lawrence Henry, University of Arizona
Mary Howard-Hamilton, Indiana State University
Sylvia Hurtado, University of California, Los Angeles
Jerlando Jackson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Barbara Johnson, Arkansas Tech University
Detra Johnson, University of Houston, US
Nicole Joseph, Vanderbilt University
Chance W. Lewis, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Luis Leyva, Vanderbilt University
Yvonna Lincoln, Texas A&M University
Dave Louis, University of Houston, US
aretha marbley, Texas Tech University, US
Ken McCluskey, University of Winnipeg
Michael Mobley, Salem State University
Jerrel Moore, Prairie View A&M University
James Moore III, The Ohio State University
Maricela Oliva, University of Texas at San Antonio
Robert Palmer, Howard University
William H. Parker, Prairie View A&M University, US
Henrietta Pichon, New Mexico State University
Spencer Platt, University of South Carolina
Luis Ponjuan, Texas A&M University
Richard Reddick, University of Texas at Austin
Laura Rendon, University of Texas San Antonio
Joseph Renzulli, University of Connecticut
Petra Robinson, Louisiana State University
Victor Saenz, University of Texas at Austin
Lawrence Scott, Texas A&M University, San Antonio
Stella Smith, Prairie View A&M University
Daniel Spikes, Lufkin Independent School District
Christine Stanley, Texas A&M University
Terrell Strayhorn, Virginia Union University
James Swartz, Miami University of Ohio
Saundra Tomlinson-Clarke, Rutgers University
Frank Tuitt, University of Connecticut
Caroline Turner, California State University, Sacramento
Cynthia Tyson, The Ohio State University
Chezare Warren, Michigan State University
Stephanie Waterman, University of Toronto
Gilman Whiting, Vanderbilt University
J. Luke Wood, San Diego State University
Taisir Yamin, International Centre for Innovation in Education
Sally J. Zepeda, University of Georgia

To submit a manuscript to Journal of Minority Achievement, Creativity, and Leadership, please visit Editorial Manager. The online system will guide you through the steps to upload your article to the editorial office.

Subject areas and disciplines for submissions include:
*African American Studies/Black Studies
*Multicultural Education
*Equity/Diversity/Inclusion Studies
*Cultural and Ethnic Studies
*Counseling/Counselor Education
*Higher Education and Student Affairs
*Teacher Education
*Urban Education
*LBTQI Studies
*Giftedness and Creativity
*Leadership/Leadership Studies
*STEM Education
*Minority Studies
*Educational Psychology
*Educational Administration/Leadership
*Race and Gender Studies
*Qualitative Research Methods
*Educational Policy
**Education, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Research Method (AREAS)

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