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The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy

William Westerman, Editor



The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy

William Westerman, Editor

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Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy
is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary forum for pedagogical scholarship exploring intersections of identities, power, and social justice. The journal features a range of approaches, from theoretical articles to creative and experimental accounts of pedagogical innovations, from teachers and scholars from all areas of education. The mission of Transformations is to bridge the gaps between scholarship and teaching, between K-12, higher education, and teaching in non-institutional venues, between the classroom and the world. Transformations provides a community of readers and writers discussing the difficulties, challenges, strategies, anxieties, failures, and successes encountered in the classroom. By emphasizing interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches, the journal provides teachers in university and other classrooms with tools they can use in their own teaching, and in planning and reflecting on their courses.


William Westerman, New Jersey City University, US

Editorial Board
Mary McAleer Balkun, Seton Hall University, US
Joanne Z. Bruno, East Stroudsburg University, US
Basanti Chakraborty, New Jersey City University, US
Sarah Chinn, Hunter College, CUNY, US
Anna Creadick, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, US
Sonya Donaldson, New Jersey City University, US
Donna Farina, New Jersey City University, US
Rebecca J. Kinney, Bowling Green State University, US
Deirdre Murphy, Culinary Institute of America, US
Hiram Perez, Vassar College, US
Catherine Raissiguier, Hunter College, CUNY, US
John Wood Sweet, University of North Carolina, US
Victor E. Tuazon, New Jersey City University, US
Minh Vu, Yale University, US
Grace Wambu, New Jersey City University, US

Advisory Board
Diana Fuss, Princeton University, US
Donna Gabaccia, University of Toronto, CA
Patrizia Gabrielli, University of Sienna, IT
Sandra Gilbert, Emerita, University of California, Davis, US
Henry Giroux, McMaster University, US
Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College, US
Sandra Harding, University of California, Los Angeles, US
AnaLouise Keating, Texas Woman’s University, US
John Kellermeier, Emeritus, Tacoma Community College, US
Annette Kuhn, Emerita, Queen Mary College University of London, GB
Paul Lauter, Emeritus, Trinity College, Connecticut, US
Elizabeth Minnich, Association of American Colleges & Universities, US
David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford University, US
David Roediger, University of Kansas, US
Sue Rosser, San Francisco State University, US
Werner Sollors, Harvard University, US
Kurt Spellmeyer, Rutgers University, US
Anthony Julian Tamburri, Queens College, CUNY, US
Berteke Waaldijk, Universiteit Utrecht, NL
Marina Zancan, University of Rome, IT
Janet Zandy, Emerita, Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Authors who wish to submit their work to Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy must also consult the current calls for submission (below) to check the topics for which the journal is currently soliciting. All submissions must include a 250-word abstract and an author biography of 100 words or less. Complete submission guidelines may be found here.

To submit an article to Transformations, please visit and create an author profile. The online system will guide you through the steps to upload your article for submission to the editorial office.


The editors seek articles (6,000-10,000 words); methods and texts essays (3,000 to 5,000 words); photo-essays, and contributions to our new “Pestilence and Pedagogy” section (2,500-10,000) for the forthcoming issue of Transformations. Submissions should explore strategies for teaching in the classroom and in non-traditional spaces as well as changing notions of inclusion and inclusivity in scholarship and research as well as pedagogy. We welcome jargon-free essays from all disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

For volume 31:1 (2021) we will feature a special section entitled “Teaching about Tulsa” in memory of the 1921 Tulsa massacre. One of the significant curricular outcomes of the Black Lives Matter movement is a growing awareness of the massacres at Tulsa and Wilmington, and other events – including to some degree, slavery itself – that have been ignored in U.S. schools. While we are broadly interested in articles that address the teaching of hidden, suppressed, and obscured histories, we are specifically interested in articles and narratives about the teaching of this particular event, including methods, personal experiences of teachers and learners, curriculum design, exhibitions, media, and the process of overcoming silence and resistance in the classroom and the school building. Manuscripts for this section are due September 1, 2021 to allow time for peer-review.

Volume 31:2 (2021) will be a special issue celebrating the life and work of Paulo Freire at 100. In particular we seek essays that contextualize his work and legacy at the current historical moment and that deal with questions of inclusion. We are especially interested in articles from the global South and those that address issues of immigrant and refugee students, adult learners and pedagogy in non-school settings, literacy activism, and broader applications of his work to culture and the arts. Articles for this section are due November 1, 2021, although there may be a grace period for those who propose or discuss their articles with the editor in advance.

We will also initiate a new section with volume 31:1, entitled “Pestilence and Pedagogy.” Rather than devote one special issue to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are coming to realize the impact and pedagogical ramifications from the ongoing pandemic will continue well into the future. Thus, instead of compartmentalizing all articles into one or more issues, particularly as the pandemic continues to play out unabated in many corners of the world, part of each issue will be devoted to the challenges that developed worldwide since the appearance of this coronavirus.

Articles should explore teaching in ways that emphasize students’ perspectives and classroom dynamics. Authors should engage relevant scholarly sources and theories.

Methods and Texts essays should analyze specific teaching strategies, tools, and/or resources.

Photo-Essays should include no more than 12 images (500 ppi, jpg or .tiff files). An interpretative statement that provides context for the images (300-500 words) and captions of 50 words or less should also be included. Note that images can be reproduced in black-and-white only. Photo reproduction rights should be secured prior to submission.

Teaching Failures essays should focus on a particularly challenging classroom experience, a struggle with a specific teaching resource, or failure/success as related to pedagogical practice. More broadly, authors might explore the ways in which educational institutions and institutional structures define and engage failure and/or success (for example, academic silos, issues relating to academic freedom, work cultures, governance, etc.).

Transformations is a peer-reviewed semi-annual journal that invites college teachers to take pedagogy seriously as a topic of scholarly articles.

Please view the additional
submission guidelines before submitting.

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