Collection of Critical Biographies of Chinese Thinkers

New and Bestselling Books

  • Cao Xueqin
    Miao Huaiming, translated by Guosheng Yang Chen, translated by Trevor Hay, and translated by Bo Ai

  • Confucius
    Zhou Qun, and translated by David B. Honey

  • Du Fu
    Mo Lifeng, Wu Guoquan, and translated by Pan Zhidan

  • Emperor Qin Shihuang
    Tong Qiang, Li Xiyan, and translated by Wang Zhengwen

  • Laozi
    Gao Huaping, translated by Wang Rongpei, Cao Ying, and Wang Shanjiang

  • Li Bai
    Zhou Xunchu, Tong Qiang, and translated by Curtis D. Smith

  • Mencius
    Xu Xingwu, and translated by David B. Honey

  • Mozi
    Zheng Jiewen, Zhang Qian, and translated by David B. Honey

  • Sima Qian
    Guo Weisen Translated by Guosheng Yang Chen and Bo Ai

  • Zhuangzi
    Bao Zhaohui, translated by Thomas Mitchell, and revised by Wang Zhengwen



About this Series

The Collection of Critical Biographies of Chinese Thinkers—under the general editorship of Professor Kuang Yaming, the late honorary president of Nanjing University—is the most comprehensive collection of research materials on Chinese thinkers assembled since the beginning of the twentieth century. Based on the work of Professor Kuang and two hundred other eminent Chinese scholars, these critical biographies, in Chinese and English, present profound ideas in a clear, concise way. They make the wisdom of these great thinkers, and their moving stories, accessible to the general reader for the first time.

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