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Pennsylvania Overlooks

A Guide for Sightseers and Outdoor People

Art Michaels


$24.95 | Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-0-271-02231-4

256 pages
4.5" × 9"
78 b&w illustrations/4 maps

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Pennsylvania Overlooks

A Guide for Sightseers and Outdoor People

Art Michaels

“With descriptions of nearly 50 impressive overlooks in the Keystone State, this book is an invaluable guide for planning spring getaways.


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To those who enjoy outdoor adventure, Pennsylvania offers a number of natural attractions: wild rivers, impressive mountains, the silence of deep forests. But Pennsylvania's sublime overlooks, remarkable natural features in themselves, frequently go unnoticed despite their historical and scenic interest. (Few people realize, for instance, that a Pennsylvania overlook—Mt. Pisgah in York County—almost became our nation's capital.) Visitors to these promontories acquire a fresh appreciation of nature's beauty and a renewed sense of connection to the Pennsylvania landscape.

In Pennsylvania Overlooks, Art Michaels describes some of the most outstanding overlooks in the state. These overlooks afford unforgettable images throughout the year. From High Knob Vista in Wyoming State Forest, Sullivan County, the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall foliage extend to the horizon, appearing even more rich and majestic from a height. In winter, High Rocks Vista in Bucks County displays the panorama of a snowy, leafless forest. Near Breezyview Overlook in Lancaster County, a dazzling formation of migrating tundra swans glides over a snow-covered river valley. The trees of the Allegheny National Forest, spreading out below Jakes Rock Overlook in Warren County, convey the freshness of spring through their delicate array of green.

Pennsylvania Overlooks provides a unique introduction to these sites and other spectacular overlooks. The selected overlooks are easy to reach by automobile or by foot, and they offer much more than a pretty view. Each chapter presents vital information about an overlook, including a general description of the overlook and its area, the site's distinguishing features, its height, the compass direction of the view, and nearby and distant features visible from the overlook. Michaels also notes recreational activities and opportunities near each site. For weekends filled with nature, beauty, and history, this book is an invaluable guide.

“With descriptions of nearly 50 impressive overlooks in the Keystone State, this book is an invaluable guide for planning spring getaways.
For a romantic weekend trip for two, or a quick day trip with the whole family, the locations detailed in Pennsylvania Overlooks yield fantastic opportunities to get out of the house and take in some of the most remarkable sights Pennsylvania has to offer.”
“Art Michaels’ new book, Pennsylvania Overlooks, can guide you to some of the most spectacular scenery in the state, and it is conveniently sized to fit in a glove compartment.
Get a copy, pick your first destination, then let it lead you around the state. You will appreciate outdoors in Pennsylvania as never before.”
“Lately I think I’ve found a kindred spirit in Art Michaels. His latest book, Pennsylvania Overlooks: A Guide for Sightseers and Outdoor People, is full of great heaven-on-earth scenery. Michaels has driven the breadth and depth of the Keystone State on a search for inspiring landscapes and the views from more than 50 selected overlooks. It’s a wise choice.”
“Every description is extremely accurate, and I learned something new from every chapter. This paperback book is a must for every car’s glove box (it measures 4.5 inches by 9 inches), and it is a great value even though it costs more than the $1.72 per acre that was spent in 1902 to acquire land for the Tuscarora State Forest (see page 130). Enjoy!”
“What did make it are the best overlooks that can be easily reached by car, or walk of no more than 15 minutes from a parking area.”
“A fine source book for people looking for a reason to travel across the commonwealth for a new experience.”
“This book is especially useful to tourists, and also to hawk watchers seeking easily accessible, unidentified new hawk migration watch-sites to explore and evaluate. It is to these readers the book is recommended.”

Art Michaels is an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer and a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.




I. Western Pennsylvania

1. State Game Lands #314/David M. Roderick Wildlife Reserve

2. Allegheny National Forest

3. Bradys Bend Scenic Overlook, Kennerdell Overlook

4. Cook Forest State Park

5. Clear Creek State Forest

6. Kinzua Bridge State Park

7. Pittsburgh

8. Ohiopyle State Park

9. Johnstown Inclined Plane

10. Forbes State Forest

11. Altoona-Area Overlooks

12. Blue Knob State Park

13. Elk State Forest Overlooks, State Game Lands #311 Elk-Watching Site

II. Central Pennsylvania

14. Susquehannock State Forest

15. Sproul State Forest

16. Tiadaghton State Forest

17. Tioga State Forest, Colton Point and Leonard Harrison State Parks

18. Hyner View State Park

19. Moshannon State Forest

20. Rothrock State Forest

21. Bald Eagle State Forest

22. Raystown Lake

23. Shikellamy State Park

24. Buchanan State Forest

25. Tuscarora State Forest

26. Michaux State Forest

27. Kings Gap Environmental Education and Training Center

28. Harrisburg-Area Overlooks

29. Gettysburg National Military Park

III. Eastern Pennsylvania

30. Round Top Park

31. Mt. Pisgah County Park

32. Wyalusing Rocks, Marie Antoinette Overlook

33. Wyoming State Forest, World's End State Park

34. Council Cup Scenic Overlook

35. Lackawanna State Forest

36. Gibbons Park

37. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

38. Delaware State Forest

39. Big Pocono State Park

40. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

41. Rocky Ridge County Park

42. Samuel S. Lewis State Park

43. Chickies Rock County Park

44. Holtwood Environmental Preserve

45. Susquehannock State Park

46. Ralph Stover State Park

47. Fort Washington State Park

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