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The Art of Interpreting

Edited by Susan Scott


$35 | Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-0-915773-08-4

378 pages
8.5" × 11"
6 color/207 b&w illustrations
Distributed by Penn State University Press for Penn State Department of Art History

Papers in Art History

The Art of Interpreting

Edited by Susan Scott


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1. Palaeovisions: Interpreting the Imagery of Ice-Age Europe

- Margaret Conkey, University of California at Berkeley

2. The Strength of Columns and the Weakness of Theory

- John Onians, University of East Anglia

3. Rape or Restitution of the Past? Interpreting Spolia - Dale Kinney, Bryn mawr College

4. Holy Images and Other Images

- David Freedberg, Columbia University

5. Discourses of Representation in 10th and 11th Century China

- Martin J. Powers, The University of Michigan

6. Toward an Aesthetic of Persian Painting

- Oleg Grabar, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

7. Christ in His Beauty and Pain, Concepts of Body and Image in an Age of Transition (Late Middle Ages & Renaissance)

- Gerhard Wolf, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome

9. Imitation, Representation and the Study of Garden Art

- John Dixon Hunt, University of Pennsylvania

10. Jack Bush and Clement Greenberg: The Empire and the Limits of Theory

- Natasha Staller, Amherst College

11. Allegorical Gardens of Desire in Modernity: A Gendered Perspective

- Gisela Ecker, Universität Paderborn

12. Wining and Dining on the Temple of Athena at Assos

- Bonna Wescoat, Emory University

13. Interpreting Kandinsky's Iconography: Sources in Ethnography and Shamanism

- Peg Weiss, Syracuse University

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