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This series features primary source texts on colonial and nineteenth-century Latin America, translated into English, in slim, accessible, affordable editions that also make scholarly contributions. Most of these sources are being published in English for the first time and represent an alternative to the traditional texts on early Latin America. The initial focus is on the conquest period in sixteenth-century Spanish America, but subsequent volumes include Brazil and examine later centuries. The series features archival documents and printed sources originally in Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, and various Native American languages. The contributing authors are historians, anthropologists, art historians, and scholars of literature.

Matthew Restall is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Colonial Latin American History, Anthropology, and Women’s Studies, and Co-Director of Latina/o, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies, at the Pennsylvania State University. He is an editor of Ethnohistory.

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Jane G. Landers

Kris Lane

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