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Rhetoric and Democratic Deliberation

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General Editors:
Cheryl Glenn
Stephen Browne

Co-Founding Editor:
J. Michael Hogan

Advisory Board:
Robert Asen
Debra Hawhee
J. Michael Hogan
Peter Levine
Steven Mailloux
Krista Ratcliffe
Karen Tracy
Kirt Wilson
David Zarefsky

Rhetoric and Democratic Deliberation publishes books on the character and quality of public discourse in politics and culture. Written by scholars in communication, rhetoric, writing, and critical pedagogy, and informed by diverse theoretical and cultural perspectives, books in the series examine forms and practices of democracy and deliberation across the globe. They consider the issues of participation, activism, exclusion, and resistance that affect social movements, governments, and education. The series is published in association with the Penn State Center for Democratic Deliberation, an interdisciplinary resource for research, teaching, and engaged scholarship on issues of rhetoric, civic engagement, and public deliberation.

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