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Journal of Modern Periodical Studies

  • Patrick Collier
  • Barbara Green

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The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly online journal devoted to the academic study of “little magazines” of the modern period. Contributions investigate from a wide variety of angles daily newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, and irregularly published small magazines published from 1880 to 1950 in the English-speaking world. A section discusses the latest literature and resources (Web, etc.) in the field and related disciplines. Selected book reviews are also included.

Patrick Collier, Ball State University
Barbara Green, Notre Dame University

Editorial Board
Ann Ardis, University of Delaware
Laurel Brake, University of London
Peter Brooker, The University of Nottingham
Mary Chapman, University of British Columbia
Suzanne W. Churchill, Davidson College
Lucy Delap, University of Cambridge
Laura Marcus, University of Oxford
Adam McKible, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Paul Peppis, University of Oregon
Christopher Reed, The Pennsylvania State University
Robert Scholes, Brown University
Benoît Tadié, Université Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne
Andrew Thacker, Nottingham Trent University

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