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The International Center of Medieval Art and the Pennsylvania State University Press announce a new book series: ICMA Books | Viewpoints. This series aims to engage with and instigate new conversations, debates, and perspectives not only about medieval art and visual-material culture, but also in relation to the critical practices employed by medieval art historians. Books will typically be data-rich, issue-driven, and even polemical. The range of potential subjects is broad and varied, and each title will tackle a significant and timely problem in the field of medieval art and visual-material culture. The Viewpoints series is interdisciplinary and actively involved in providing a forum for current critical developments in art historical methodology, the structure of scholarly writing, and/or the use of evidence. Books in the ICMA Books | Viewpoints series will be short: ca. 45,000– 75,000 words, illustrated by no more than 20–30 black-and-white images and will be written to engage specialists and students alike.

Questions or submissions?
Contact Penn State University Press:
Eleanor Goodman
Executive Editor

Initial inquiries should take the form of a 3–5 page proposal outlining the intent of the project, its scope, its relation to other work on the topic, and the audience(s) you have in mind. Please include a current CV and 1-2 sample chapters, if available.

Roland Betancourt

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