Ivan Illich: 21st-Century Perspectives



About this Series

Ivan Illich (1926–2002), a theologian, philosopher, and historian, is best known as a trenchant social critic of the 1970s. His broad and incisive thinking shakes the foundations of such modern certainties as education, medicine, gender, the professions, and even modes of perception. Illich’s deep roots in Western culture lend a historian’s perspective to his acute critiques of the Church and other modern institutions. This series is devoted to recalling Illich’s work and thinking through his perspective for the present and the future.

Sajay Samuel
Samar Farage

Advisory Board:
Dean Bavington
Humberto Beck
Silvia Grunig
Kostas Hatzikiriakou
Dougald Hine
Fabio Milana
Giovanna Morelli
Simon Ravenscroft
Almantas Samalavicius
Silja Samerski

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