Cultural Inquiries in English Literature, 1400-1700

About the Series

The newly reimagined series Cultural Inquiries in English Literature, 1400-1700, is a continuation of the award-winning Medieval & Renaissance Literary Studies series, formerly published by Duquesne University Press–but with a new bent.

Recognizing the complex relationships linking disciplines in the pre-modern period and to account for the lived experience represented in literary and cultural texts in this time, scholars have broadened the scope of their examinations to reconnect fields often now considered distinct, including cuisine, ecology, cartography, the occult, meteorology, physiology, drama, popular print, and poetry. Cultural Inquiries in English Literature, 1400-1700, seeks monographs and edited volumes that consider literary and cultural texts as partners in and products of their complex contexts.

Submissions should include a 3–5 page proposal outlining the intent of the project, its scope, its relation to other work on the topic, and the anticipated audience(s). Please also include 1–2 sample chapters, if available, and a current C.V.

Queries and submissions: Kendra Boileau, Assistant Director, Editor‐in‐Chief



Rebecca Totaro

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