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Penn State University Press is pleased to announce World Christianity, a new book series edited by Dale T. Irvin and Peter C. Phan.

The face—and study—of world Christianity has been transformed over the last half century. Moving beyond descriptions of European-derived norms that have existed for hundreds of years, books in this series will reflect an understanding of global Christianity that embodies the wide diversity of its identity and expression. The series seeks to expand the scholarly field of world Christianity by interrogating boundary lines in church history, mission studies, ecumenical dialogue, and inter-religious dialogue among Christians and non-Christians across geographic, geopolitical, and confessional divides. Beyond a mere history of missions to the world, this series examines local Christianity, how Christianity has been acculturated, and how that expression interacts with the world at large.

Issues under investigation in this series include how Christianity has been received and transformed in various countries; how migration has changed the nature and practice of Christianity and the new forms of the faith that result; and how seminary and theological education responds to the challenges of world Christianity. The series also welcomes explorations of issues such as the theory and practice of Christian mission, biblical interpretation, and the reformulation of basic beliefs in a world-Christian context as well as the new contours of church ministry. The editors seek original work from a variety of disciplines and scholarly perspectives.

Questions or submissions? Contact the series editors:

Dale T. Irvin

Peter C. Phan

or the Penn State University Press:
Tristan Bates, Acquisitions Editor

Submissions should include a three- to five-page proposal outlining the intent and description of the project, its scope, its unique contribution to the field, and its relation to other work on the topic; the anticipated audience and readership; its fit with the World Christianity series; and an annotated table of contents. Please also include one or two sample chapters (at least one body chapter), an anticipated completion date, and a current C.V.

Dale T. Irvin
Peter C. Phan

Advisory Board:
Akintunde E. Akinade
Adrian Hermann
Leo D. Lefebure
Elaine Padilla
Yolanda Pierce

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