Digital Art Submissions

Digital art requirements

Digital Art Check Sheet (PDF)
Image resolution for continuous-tone scans
Halftones: A necessary step in the printing process
Image resolution for bi-tonal scans
Charts, graphs, and maps
Preparing charts and graphs: Exhibit A
Preparing charts and graphs: Exhibit B

These guidelines are based on the digital image standards of the University of Chicago Press and have been adopted by the AAUP.

Additional information
Digital images: Technical standards and database organization issues
Besser, Howard, and Jennifer Trant (1995). Introduction to Imaging: Issues in Constructing an Image Database. Santa Monica, CA: The Getty Art History Information Program. See the 2003 edition by Besser, available on the Getty website.
Lee, Stewart D. (2001). Digital Imaging: A Practical Handbook. New York: Neal-Schuman.

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