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About this Series

Africana Religions is a new book series edited by Sylvester A. Johnson, an editor of the Journal of Africana Religions. Adopting a global vision for the study of Black religions, the Africana Religions book series explores the rich diversity of religious history and life among African and African-descended people. It publishes research on African-derived religions of Orisha devotion, Christianity, Islam, and other religious traditions that are part of the Africana world. The series emphasizes the translocal nature of Africana religions across national, regional, and hemispheric boundaries. Books in this series will examine religious experiences, identities, beliefs, aesthetics, ethics, practices, institutions, or objects, using a variety of methods, including archival, theoretical, literary, sociological, and ethnographic approaches.

Questions or submissions should be directed to Penn State University Press:
Archna Patel, Acquisitions Editor

or to the series editor:
Sylvester Johnson

Initial inquiries should take the form of a 3–5 page proposal outlining the intent of the project, its scope, its relation to other work on the topic, and the audience(s) you have in mind. Please also include a current C.V.

Sylvester A. Johnson

Advisory Board:
Afe Adogame
Sylviane Diouf
Paul C. Johnson
Elizabeth Pérez
Elisha P. Renne
Judith Weisenfeld

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