Perspectives on Sensory History



About this Series

Historians of the senses have laid the groundwork for a sensory turn in contemporary scholarship that has produced exciting work across the humanities and social sciences. Maintaining this historical basis for work on the senses, books published in Perspectives on Sensory History will examine the roles of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching in shaping how people have experienced, fashioned, and understood their worlds. They will explore the full social, political, geographical, technological, or cultural contexts of our senses of space, place, and displacement; ability and disability; affect and social interaction. And they’ll explore these situations across the globe—in both Western and non-Western regions—and in all time periods.

Perspectives on Sensory History welcomes historically informed and theoretically sophisticated scholarly studies that draw from disciplines such as art, archaeology, geography, media studies, and science and technology studies. In addition to specialized studies, the series will occasionally include accessible works that will be of interest to non-specialist readers. Finally, Perspectives on Sensory History will include edited collections of essays on a single topic that juxtapose critical perspectives or intervene in interesting ways.

Submissions should include a 3-5 page proposal outlining the intent of the project, its scope, its relation to other work on the topic, and the audience(s) you have in mind. Please also include 2-3 sample chapters, if available, and a copy of your C.V.

Mark M. Smith

Advisory Board:
Camille Bégin
Martin A. Berger
Constance Classen
Karin Bijsterveld
Kelvin E. Y. Low
Bodo Mrozek
Alex Purves
Richard Cullen Rath

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