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Pietist, Moravian, and Anabaptist Studies is an exciting new book series, edited by historical theologian Craig D. Atwood, and published by the Pennsylvania State University Press. Highlighting the multidisciplinary approaches that have helped transform our understanding of the Atlantic world, books in this series use varied academic frameworks to examine the history and theology of these related groups and the global reaches of their religious and cultural influence. This series seeks innovative, original works of scholarship that will help bring new perspectives to the study of Pietism and radical Protestantism. The series also welcomes strong edited collections, translated primary source editions, and special translation projects of classic works of foreign- language scholarship for an English-language audience. Maintaining a strong focus on Pietist, Moravian, and Anabaptist research, books in this series are significant contributions to numerous fields and help to enrich the dynamic and international study of post-Reformation Protestantism.

Submissions should take the form of a 3–5 page proposal outlining the intent of the project, its scope, its relation to other work on the topic, and the audience(s) you have in mind. Please also include 2–3 sample chapters, if available, and your updated CV.

Questions or submissions should be directed to Penn State Press:
Tristan Bates, Acquisitions Editor
Penn State Press
820 N. University Dr.
USB 1, Suite C
University Park, PA 16802
or to the series editor:
Craig D. Atwood
Moravian Seminary
60 W. Locust Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018


Craig D. Atwood

Advisory Board:
Katherine M. Faull
Bill Leonard
A. G. Roeber
Jonathan Strom

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